Can You Drive Around Tasmania In Five Days?

Tasmania is an island state of Australia, lying directly south of the main continent. Not only is Tasmania the twenty-sixth largest island in the world, but the state encompasses over a thousand neighbouring islands. Despite this being a sparsely populated state, with the majority of the population living in the capital city, HobartOpens in a new tab., it is an area full of Indigenous historyOpens in a new tab., fantastic mammals, and stunning natural scenery.

Because the local Tasmanian economy relies heavily on the tourism industry, the island region is a welcome host to both Australian domestic and international visitors from around the world. With immaculate beaches, stunning nature reserves, and lovely small towns – there is truly something for every visitor on the main island.

The communities are welcoming in Tasmania, with plentiful opportunities to immerse oneself in the culture, the delicious food, and the fantastic local wine options. This is all while breathing in what is believed to be the world’s cleanest air.

However, many folks who visit Tasmania would like to get the most out of their visit. Because of this, many folks want to know the proper amount of time that they should spend discovering every bit of the 68,401 square kilometre state.

Yes, you can certainly drive around Tasmania within five days. However, despite seeming like an incredibly small island, there is an abundance of things to do and places to see. With that being said, creating an itinerary is in your best interest to make the most out of your trip.

This way, one can get the most out of their shorter trip, ensuring that they are able to see everything they believe to be of the most interest to them.

Many folks will attest to the fact that beginning a trip in the capital city of Hobart, is an excellent starting point. Folks may choose to spend the first day of their excursions here, exploring the city, eating amazing food, and taking in all of the sights. This way, they are also able to sleep in a comfortable hotel, perhaps after a long day of travel to arrive in Tasmania.

Depending on the personal interests of visitors, they may enjoy the experience of travelling to neighbouring towns and communities to explore the differences in scenery and activities that each has to offer. Other visitors may enjoy the idea of heading out to a national parkOpens in a new tab. and camping out for a day or two.

Realistically, one will not be able to see all that the island of Tasmania has to offer within a five-day timeframe, however, five days is still enough to adequately explore parts of the island. Therefore, it would merely take an intended traveller to research in advance where to go, based on what they value as a must-see place, a must-try local delicacy, or a must-do activity.

How Many Days In Tasmania Are Considered To Be Enough?

For those wishing to dive deeply into the Tasmanian culture, the beauty of the entire island, and all the activities that are available, it is generally suggested that travellers take around two weeks on this island. This way, folks are able to essentially make a full loop around the island, stopping at every town, national park, or attraction that they see fit. Generally speaking, folks will fly into Hobart, rent a vehicle and begin their adventure from there.

While most folks tend to stay on the eastern side of Tasmania, as this is where the majority of the major cities lie, the western side of the island is considered far more remote. Because of this, there are fewer tourists which will allow one to really immerse themselves in the rich natural landscapes that the island has to offer.

Can You Drive Around Tasmania In A Week?

A traveller can certainly drive around a good portion of Tasmania within a week’s time. Generally, one would not be able to see the entirety of the island in this timeframe, but a good portion is often enough to suffice. This amount of time will certainly give folks a good opportunity to visit the majority of the tourist attractions that the island has to offer. The vast majority of these are located along the East Coast drive – which is an incredibly accessible portion of Tasmania.

Many folks will opt for considering a one-week trip as the perfect opportunity to drive from the starting point of Hobart to the city of Launceston, and then back again. This way, folks are able to visit famous locations such as Wineglass Bay, the Bay of Fires, or even Port Arthur. This sort of trip also includes plenty of time to explore the main cities in a deeper sense.

Is It Easy To Drive Around Tasmania?

Although Tasmania is a decently large island, it is certainly compact enough to easily drive throughout. There are also many accessible highways and roadways, that should be comfortable for any seasoned driver to drive along. The eastern portion of the island is certainly easy to travel around than the west because of the fact that it is more built up and urban, as opposed to the western portion of the island which is more rural and hilly.

It’s also worth noting that it is considered very easy and accessible to rent a vehicle for travelling around Tasmania. Car rentals on the island are also thought of as being very affordable, making it the perfect option for those travelling on a tighter budget. There are also highly convenient pick-up and drop-off locations for car rentals statewide, which is fantastic for those flying out of specific locations.

Is It Easy To Drive In Tasmania?

In terms of road conditions, Tasmania is considered to have excellent roads for driving. This has an abundance to do with both the urban populations requiring it, as well as the demanding tourist industry that the island relies on. There are sections of the island, particularly in the west, where the roads are slightly more hilly and winding, however, this is nothing that an experienced driver would not be able to handle.


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