Can You Get Married On The Beach In Perth?

Perth, Australia is known for being both the largest city and the stunning capital of Western Australia. The beautiful city is known for having an abundant population of just over 2.1 million people, which makes up a large portion of Australia’s total population. This city has easily become the fourth largest in the country, while also becoming the major metropolitan centre of the state. It’s approximated that three-quarters of the state’s entire population resides within the city of Perth.

Perth is known above all else for its stunning coastal views and immaculate weather. Taking on a Mediterranean-themed climate, this area showcases some dry and hot summers, with a wet and mild winter. That being said, Perth is regarded as being the sunniest and friendliest capital city in Australia. This immaculate city boasts clear blue skies for nearly the entirety of the year – making it a perfect destination for a wedding.

Annually, people both domestically and internationally travel throughout Australia for the greatest day of their lives. What could possibly be more beautiful than stating your vows and announcing your love on one of the best beaches the world has to offer? Because of that, we have put this article together to answer a few important questions surrounding marriages, available beach locations in Australia, and more!

You can get married on the beach in Perth, as it plays host to some truly phenomenal beaches. It has become an avid location for weddings big and small. Fortunately, because Perth is a coastal community, there are many fantastic beach locations for folks to choose from.

While getting married on a Perth beach, folks will be sure to capture the most perfect wedding photos – featuring the scenery of Swan Valley, the Darling Escarpment, and the vast ocean views. Aside from how spectacular the location and pictures for a wedding will be, folks will also enjoy the fact that their wedding weather has a high likelihood of being great – especially in the summer months, from December to March.

This is generally an excellent time to come to Perth to be married, particularly for those living in the Northern Hemisphere, but wishing to be married in their “winter months“. The summers in Perth are not known for having an abundance of precipitation, which makes most weddings free of a single cloud in the sky!

Another perk of being married on the beach in Perth is that folks are still within close proximity to the city centre. This means that accommodations, rehearsal and reception halls, and the airport are all within a short distance – which contributes to the ease of travel for the bride and groom, as well as their attending guests.

Can You Get Married At Sunset Beach?

Folks looking for a truly stunning wedding location can certainly consider Sunset Beach as an option. Sunset Beach is considered to be located within the northern suburbs of a town called Geraldton. This makes this location a five-hour-long drive directly north of Perth. Despite the distance from Perth, this town still has a plentiful amount of options for hotel accommodations and reception halls, as this has become a popularly chosen destination for weddings of all types.

The name of this beach, Sunset, gives hint as to one of the best times of days that folks could choose to be married at. The peachy and pink sunset hues make for the most suitable backdrop to any wedding ceremony. Guests are sure to be amazed not only by the wedding itself, the beauty of the bride, but also the choice of location. The landscape is sure to only add to the memories made, and the pictures taken by the photographer.

Can You Get Married On A Beach In Australia?

Because of the sheer beauty that the oceanic country of Australia has to offer, there is no questioning the decisions of thousands to get married along the coast. Generally speaking, each year brings in approximately 75,000 plus weddings throughout Australia. Many of these take place on the sandy beaches of the country, as the scenic backdrop is hard to turn down. With over 30,000 kilometres of coastline, there is an immense list of locations that couples can choose from to make the perfect spot for their wedding ceremony.

Many people will often choose to host their wedding ceremonies on a beach near or just outside of a major city like Perth, Melbourne, or Brisbane. This makes it very easy for guests to safely travel back into the city for their accommodations, or for the dinner reception after the initial ceremony.

Do You Need A Permit To Get Married On A Beach In Australia?

There are some locations in Australia that will require a permit in order to be married on a neighbouring beach. The specific beach rules will vary by location, so it’s an excellent idea for couples to research the specific beaches or towns they wish to be married in ahead of time. This way, there will be no fear in regards to whether or not the ceremony will be interrupted the day of.

The best thing a couple could do in advance is to contact the local government of the area where they are being married within. They can then ask for all of the rules and regulations that are in regards to events, small and large gatherings, etc. Occasionally, a fee will be attached to the permit, but this generally falls somewhere between $60-$300. Sometimes, if the wedding is small or the city council is very kind, there will be no requirements for a permit or any fees needed to be paid.


We have travelled to many great places around Australia and hope to share our travel tips, hacks, and adventures with you. So come with us as we explore the great down under!

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