Does It Get Cold In Perth?

In Perth, Australia, winter starts June and goes all the way to August. However, the cold change starts end of May and can last until September.

It does get cold in Perth during the winter, the minimum temperature during winter is 8˚C, and it can reach a maximum of 19˚C. Compared to other states in Australia, Perth enjoys fewer temperature fluctuations from morning to night.

When you are travelling to Perth during winter, you may need a waterproof jacket in case it rains. But you layer up and have only one or two heavier jackets for the colder nights. During winter, Perth can experience rain and thunderstorms, particularly during July. When it is wet and cold outside, take the chance to visit places like The Perth Mint, WA Museum Boola Bardip or the Art Gallery.

Another place of interest includes ScitechOpens in a new tab., which costs $12 for a general entry. It is a Science Centre that encourages kids to explore science and technology in one place. There are a lot of activities to explore while you are in Scitech with children. You can also check out the DFES Education and Heritage Centre, where the building was built in 1899 as the first fire station in Western Australia.

What’s The Coldest It Gets In Perth?

The coldest recorded temperatureOpens in a new tab. in Perth was -0.7˚C on the morning of May 2019. The Jandakot Airport recorded a lower -3.4˚C in 2006. Usually, Perth’s minimum temperature does not dip below zero. It will be coldest at around 5 to 6 in the morning. So if you are planning to watch the sunrise, remember to pack extra warm clothing.

However, the temperature will rise when the sun rises, and it will reach about 18˚C during the day when the sun is up. It will start to get cold when it gets dark at about 6 pm.

The coldest place in Western Australia is Nullarbor, in the state’s south, boring with South Australia. For outback adventurers, Nullarbor is a desert outback with wild temperature fluctuations. The coldest place can reach -2.2˚C at night, and 20˚C during the day. At Rottnest Island, temperatures are around 11 ˚C to 19˚C.

You can have some fun in The Palace Arcade when it is cold outside. The arcade contains vintage video games for everyone. You can spend quality time with children by playing old video games and having pizza at the same time. The Palace Arcade has 3 locations around Perth: Perth CBD, Fremantle and Victoria Park.

Why Is Perth So Cold In Winter?

Perth is so cold in winter because of the ocean currents. In the Southern Hemisphere, ocean currents swirl clockwise. This brings the cold air from the Antarctic, making Perth colder during the winter months. This is also why Nullarbor is the coldest place in Western Australia, as the cold air will reach the desert before travelling upwards to Perth.

Rottnest Island enjoys a warmer temperature because of Leeuwin CurrentOpens in a new tab.. The current carries warm water from the tropical Indonesia archipelagoOpens in a new tab. to Australia’s west. The warm water flows down during winter and passes through Rottnest Island. Hence, the island enjoys warmer water temperatures too, ranging from an average of 23C in summer to 19C in winter. Hence, this is the best time to visit Rottnest Island.

Another reason Perth is colder in winter is that it is inland. Perth does not enjoy the warmth from the Leeuwin Current but experiences plenty of icy blasts from the Antarctic. Being further inland, Perth does not have a temperature moderating influence from the sea, compared to other states.

Does Perth Australia Get Snow?

It does not snow in Perth, Australia. This is because the city is not on high ground, so it does not meet the conditions for snowfall in the city. However, heavy storms and rain are a regular occurrence in Perth city during winter.

If you are travelling around Perth from May to September, bring warm and waterproof clothing when roaming around the city. Most of the time, Perth enjoys a dry winter. If you are planning to be outdoors, avoid July, as it is usually the wettest month in the season.

The winds can be strong when there is a storm, and they can damage umbrellas if you are not careful. Sometimes, severe weather can make it dangerous to be out and about. Be sure to check the weather warnings when you are planning for a camping trip in the outback.

Find out about storm warnings from the Department of Emergency ServicesOpens in a new tab. and have a backup plan where there is a storm warning. Check the news frequently before planning a bush walk or bird watching, and make alternative plans if there is a storm coming.

Where Does It Snow In Perth?

While it does not snow in Perth, you might be lucky enough to see snow in Bluff Knoll. There are records of snowfall in Bluff Knoll, the highest peak in the Stirling Range. However, it is not a common occurrence and you may end up disappointed if you are aiming to enjoy the sand and snow while you are on holiday in Perth.

Bluff Knoll is a 4-hour drive from Perth City, and it is part of the Stirling Range National ParkOpens in a new tab.. Bluff Knoll has a lookout and toilets that are wheelchair accessible. The bush walk trail can be a challenge to beginners because of its steep path. You will need warmer jackets when you are hiking in the Stirling Ranges – it can get cold even during the day.

You can camp or park your caravan in the Stirling Range Retreat. They have swimming pools, showers, laundry and a camp kitchen to share. The retreat also has shuttle bus services and guided tours if you are looking to do some birdwatching. The campsites are $16 per person for unpowered and $36 per person for powered sites. If it is too cold to camp out, they have motel-style family rooms for $170 for two people, but they can fit up to 5.

In summary, Perth during winter can get chilly, but with careful preparations, you can still have a good time. It is during this season that you can see dwarf Minke whales migrating, witness echidna’s love train, and see a baby quokka hiding inside its mother’s pouch. You will forget about the cold soon enough.


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