How Many Days Do You Need In Litchfield National Park?

If you’re living in or visiting Australia’s Top End, there is arguably no better place to take a visit than Litchfield. An immaculate park that covers just over fifteen hundred square kilometres, this is a place for everyone to find amusement and sheer joy. There is something about immersing yourself in the beauty of this park that is magical and because of this, hundreds of thousands of domestic and international visitors visit annually.

You will need 2-3 days to visit Litchfield National Park in order to see everything, for example, Florence Falls, Wangi Falls, Magnetic Termite Mounds, Buley Rockhole, Lost City, Tolmer Falls, Sandy Creek and Surprise Creek Falls. You are able to go for the day but you won’t enjoy the whole park.

Being home to several magnificent waterfalls, historical landmarks, and natural wonders, Litchfield has easily become one of the most sought-after destination spots in the country. Being approximately one hundred kilometres southwest of Darwin, this park is incredibly accessible. However, many folks often speculate about how many days one should set aside to visit this national park.

Of course, the number of days one may dedicate to visiting a park such as Litchfield may fluctuate, based on personal interest. For those who adore the outdoors and wish to fully immerse themselves in the beauty and natural aesthetic of the park – taking in every available swimming spot or hike – they may want to consider a longer trip.

There is the availability of camping, which means that folks can carve out the time for a long weekend trip or perhaps a full week. However, for those who prefer to merely see the highlights of this park and then return to a major city, this is an abundantly common option. As Litchfield is quite compact and easily accessible, folks can opt for a day trip or perhaps a one-night stay.

This way, they are able to travel around and take in the sights, have a relaxing sleep under the stars, and then head out for their next destination the following morning. Although some may state that a trip to this park requires more time, this isn’t the case for everyone and that’s perfectly fine.

A great suggestion is to carve out the details of what one would like to see or do within the park, ahead of time. This way, it is much easier to figure out the exact amount of days that one could possibly require. As Litchfield is not short on amazing opportunities for adventure, for folks of all ages, planning a trip to the park in advance can allow even those on a tight schedule to make the most out of their trip.

Can You Do Litchfield National Park In One Day?

For those travelling from a further distance, like Sydney, the park may not be suitable as the best day trip. However, for those travelling from a closer location like Darwin, one can certainly take a trip to the park in a single day.

Although many folks find that the park is better viewed over a period of a few days, or at least including a one-night stay, the park can certainly be used as an adequate day trip.

Considering that it is a short 100 kilometres from Darwin, folks should bear in mind that there will be approximately two hours’ worth of driving to be accomplished in the day (there and back).

However, with an early start to your travelling day, one can certainly make it to Litchfield in the morning, spend the afternoon frolicking around, swimming, and taking in the natural landscapes, and then return home around dinner time.

Is Litchfield National Park Worth Visiting?

For those that have taken the trip to this stunning park, the answer when asked this question would be a resounding yes! This park is a natural marvel, formed by water and kept in pristine condition to this day.

Whether you are someone who enjoys a long hike, someone who would love nothing more than to take a dip in a waterfall’s crystal clear pool, or just someone who would love to photograph the natural landscapes and ocean views – this is certainly the park for you.

One of the most admirable aspects of this park is the rich Indigenous heritage, mixed with the natural beauty – making this both a historical and scenic place to visit. With there truly being something for everyone to enjoy, there is no doubt behind the fact that yes, Litchfield is certainly worth visiting.

How Long Is The Litchfield National Park Loop Considered To Be?

The loop itself is occasionally confusing to some folks, particularly to tourists, as there is a “greater loop” and a smaller loop within the park. The greater loop is considered to be the trek from Darwin, throughout the park itself, and back to Darwin.

As previously mentioned, the park is about a 100km trip on a sealed, but a very scenic, road. In total, folks who take this road from Darwin both ways, are looking at just over 200kms worth of driving. For those international visitors, this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, that is definitely worth taking!

However, there is also a smaller loop within the park that folks can consider taking. This loop is a hiking trail that will lead visitors throughout the park and around the waterfalls. It is only about 1.6 km, but it showcases the immense beauty of the park perfectly.

Which Is More Worthwhile To Visit – Kakadu Or Litchfield?

The choice between which park is more worthwhile to visit is up to the individual traveller (s). Kakadu is a much larger park and it is a greater distance from Darwin – where many folks will be starting their journey from.

Therefore, more travel time is generally needed and folks often find that spending more time in the park for a visit, is necessary. It is still incredibly beautiful and has many perks to visiting, however, the time that this trip may require is certainly worth taking into consideration.

On the other hand, Litchfield is much closer to Darwin. The park itself is also much more compact, making it easier for visitors under time restraints to see more. Folks can comfortably take a single day or an overnight trip, and see all that the park has to offer. Because of this, many people find that the trip to Litchfield is much more worthwhile – especially for those who only have a brief amount of time amongst their travel plans.


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