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How Much Does An Australian Trip Cost?

Australia is an excellent travel destination for those in search of a serene, and beautiful atmosphere, as it is home to many natural wonders and habitats for plant and animal species. To travel from the United States to any location in Australia, you must be aware of the associated travel cost.

An Australian trip can be quite costly, as it is one of the most expensive countries in the world. Depending on your itinerary and total trip costs, including transportation, lodging, and food, you should be prepared to spend over $5000 AUD($3345.50 USD).

This article will teach you everything you need to know about travelling to Australia. Do you intend to visit Australia anytime sooner or later this year? This article is a must-read if you want to stay up to date on everything you need to know about, spending, and much more in Australia. Scroll down the following paragraphs for more information.

Is Food Expensive In Australia?

Food, like almost everything else in Australia, is quite expensive, especially eating out in restaurants. A portion of typical fast food in Australia at McDonald’s or Hungry Jack’s is somewhat affordable and a meal costs around 13 AUD. 

Food in Australia is currently significantly more expensive than it was a few years ago due to the rise in the general cost of living that was brought on by global inflation. The food is also made with top-quality ingredients as Australia is very strict on food security and safety, and employees are given sustainable and higher wages. 

You must be prepared to spend at least $100 AUD($67 USD) per day to eat out in a restaurant three times a day. Bennelong in Sydney and Chin Chin in Melbourne are some popular restaurants that you can visit in Australia. 

The prices of restaurants in Australia vary from state to state. For example, the cost of meals in Sydney is not the same as the cost of meals in Melbourne.

The table below shows the restaurant prices in Sydney and the price range for other states in Australia;

Meals in Australia (Sydney)Restaurant prices (USD)
McMeal at Mcdonalds’ (BurgerKing or similar joints)$8.06 USD ($6.90 – $9.30 USD)
Meal for 1 person (Inexpensive restaurant)$12.40 USD ($9.30 – $31 USD)
Meal for 2 persons (Mid-range restaurant)$62 USD ($50 – $92 USD)
Meal for 2 persons (Chinese restaurant)$67 USD
Meal for 2 persons (Asian restaurant) $67 USD
Meal for 2 persons (Mexican restaurant)$55 USD
Meal for 2 persons (Italian restaurant)$83 USD
Cheeseburger (fast food)$2.40 USD ($2.10- $2.80 USD)

Purchasing food from supermarkets like Woolworths or Coles and preparing it yourself is cost-effective. The supermarkets also offer a variety of ready-to-eat food selections. 

Do You Need Cash In Australia?

Australia is moving toward a cashless economy in which most transactions will be made with the use of cards. Credit cards are accepted at the majority of stores and places of business in Australia, including supermarkets; however, carrying cash is always a good idea.

Even though credit cards are widely accepted as a form of payment in Australia, you should still bring some cash with you just in case you end up at a business store that does not accept cards or one that assesses additional fees for their use.

Also, you are required to declare any amount of AUD currency that you intend to bring into the country that is greater than $10,000.

The high risk of theft is one of the major disadvantages of keeping cash or making payments with cash in Australia. While paying with cash is more convenient and flexible, it is also more likely to be stolen, especially in areas with a high level of insecurity.

Fun Fact: Australia was the first country in the world to use polymers in the production of bank notes. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if, after touching the Australian dollar, you find that it feels different from the United States dollar.

Australia is a large country, nearly the same size as the United States, but it has one of the lowest population densities in the world. Australia has a population of 23 million people, while the United States has a population of 313 million.

Is The US Dollar Accepted In Australia?

Australia is one of the countries that does not accept the US dollar as legal tender. They do not accept any other currency besides the Australian Dollar (AUD) and coins. As a result, any trip to Australia will necessitate the use of Australian currency.

It is possible to convert US dollars to Australian dollars using an ATM. However, charges and fewer fees apply to these transactions. It is very convenient because you won’t need to carry cash all the time. 

Another alternative to converting your USD to AUD is to exchange it at any American airport or money exchange location. For instance, all international airports have a money exchange booth near the departure gates or ticket counters; if you change your USD before leaving, you can avoid paying any additional fees that an ATM would deduct from your withdrawal.

If this choice doesn’t work for you, you can always convert your USD to AUD at the airport as soon as you land in Australia; however, the exchange rate at the airport will be higher than the rate in the US.

Fun Fact: The late Queen Elizabeth II of England appears on all six coin denominations in Australia.

Can I Use My US Credit Card In Australia?

Credit cards such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa are widely accepted for making foreign transactions; you can use any of these cards for transactions in Australia. However, some transaction fees will be deducted from your card with each transaction.

Travel-specific credit cards, such as airline co-branded cards and the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, are another option worth considering. Travel credit cards also have lower foreign transaction fees, rewards, travel insuranceOpens in a new tab., luggage or car rental insuranceOpens in a new tab., and coverage.

For the travel credit cards, you would pay cash advance fees or a cash advance APR. There are various options for travel credit cards so choose the one that best fits your budget.

What Is The Difference Between Using A US Credit Card And A US Debit Card In Australia? 

If a trip to Australia is something you’re seriously considering, you should familiarize yourself with the local methods of making payment transactions.

Since Australia does not accept US dollars for transactions, you must convert all the USD to AUD. Is there a difference between using credit cards and debit cards in Australia for tourists who prefer to use their cards for transactions? Check the table below;

US Credit cards In AustraliaUS Debit cards In Australia
Withdrawals from ATMs are subject to cash advance fees.No additional fees will be charged for cash advances made at ATMs.
It is best used for making purchases It is best used for ATM withdrawals.
Offers access to rewards and credit lines, as well as insurance coverage for baggage, travel, and rental cars.There are few or no rewards, there is no insurance, and there is no access to credit lines.
Cash advance APR on ATM withdrawalsNo cash advance APR on ATM withdrawals

Note: You should notify your bank about your trip to Australia since you would use either your debit or credit card.

How Much Cash Should I Bring To Australia? 

When travelling to AustraliaOpens in a new tab., having enough cash on hand is one of the most essential things to remember. You should have enough cash on hand or enough cash in your bank account that you can easily access with your card.

The Department of Immigration in Australia requires that your bank account have a minimum balance of $5,000($3345.50 USD) Australian dollars before you can apply for an Australian visa. If you do not meet this requirement, your application for an Australian visa application will be rejected.

Aside from the money in your bank account for visa application, you must have enough cash to sustain you during your stay in Australia. 

The amount of money you bring to Australia is entirely up to you because your reason for visiting determines how far you will travel within the country, where you will stay, what foods you will eat, and what activities you will engage in.

Also, the state you will be visiting determines the money you have to bring or have with you. For instance, expenses in Sydney will be higher than in Melbourne.

Therefore, before you leave for Australia, you should carefully plan your budget and itinerary. 

What Is The Cost Of Travel In Australia?

If you go on vacation by yourself, you can expect to spend close to $90($60 USD) Australian dollars per day, but if you take your family along, you should budget closer to $200($134 USD) Australian dollars per day. This amount includes just your food intake, not accommodation and tours or travel costs.

However, if you plan to visit Australia, bring more cash than you think you’ll need because it is always better to have more cash than less cash. Below is a list of guides of different areas to explore when planning your trip.

Airline Costs For Australia Travels

Nonstop flights from the United States to Australia can cost up to $3000 USD, while one-stop flights cost between $500 and $1000 USD. However, this is not always the case as the cost of airline tickets to Australia from the United States can change significantly depending on the time of year.

From December to January, airline fares are typically more expensive due to the peak travel and holiday season, this is also summertime and school holidays in Australia.

Airline costs are typically at their lowest and most budget-friendly from May to June and from mid-July to mid-September. Since November through January is the low season in most places, you can expect to pay as little as $484.

It is recommended that you take your trip to Australia between Monday and Thursday, as weekend flights are usually more expensive.

Transportation Within Australia

The bus and train are the most common modes of public transportation in Australia, and they are both very effective and reasonably priced. The bus and train fares are calculated based on the distance travelled and vary between adults and children.

For trips longer than 8 kilometres, bus fare can cost up to $6, while shorter trips can cost up to $2.6.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Does Accommodation Cost In Australia?

In Australia, good and comfortable accommodation generally costs no less than $100 per night. However, it is dependent on the state in which you choose to stay and the lodging you select. For example, the prices of accommodation are higher in Sydney compared to Melbourne even though both states are expensive.

2. Can I Use Traveler’s Checks In Australia?

Yes, but it is not widely accepted throughout Australia. Purchase and foreign transaction fees accompany travellers’ checks, making them more expensive and ineffective. Other options, such as credit cards are preferred

3. Do Hotels In Australia Offer Money Exchange?

Yes, some Australian hotels assist their customers in converting their currency to Australian dollars. However, not all hotels do this. As a result, it is important to determine whether or not your hotel offers currency exchange so that if they do not, you can choose from other available options.

Final Words

Australia’s World Heritage Sites and natural wonders make it a popular tourist destination. To avoid spending more than what you budgeted for the trip, you must know how much you intend to spend and how you intend to spend it. We hope this article has helped you know how much you would need for a trip to Australia.


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