Is Adelaide Worth Seeing?

Adelaide is an excellent starting point for an Australian adventure. This is the capital city of South Australia and the fifth most populous city in Australia. This city, known as the most beautiful in Australia, will leave you speechless.

Adelaide is worth seeing, aside from the wildlife and green parks, this city has some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll find while travelling, such as the Margaret River. In addition, this city is home to some of the finest hotels and restaurants in Australia, like the Hilton Adelaide hotel. 

Adelaide is also ranked as one of the safest cities in Australia, so you can visit without fear. This article will teach you everything you need to know about visiting South Australia’s capital city.

How Many Days In Adelaide Is Enough?

A trip to Adelaide requires careful planning. This city has several tourist attractions that are spectacular. Five days is just the right amount of time you need to spend in Adelaide to enjoy the most of what it has to offer.

Below is a five-day itinerary to assist you in planning your trip to Adelaide. It is a compilation of some of the city’s best experiences.

Day 1- Experience The City Highlights

As a tourist, the best place to begin your tour would be in the city centre. This way, no location is too far away, and you will see the best of the city. Victoria Square in Adelaide serves as the city’s heart and hosts numerous festivals throughout the year.

Gouger Street

You can then proceed west and you can stop for a quick lunch or dinner.

Gouger Street is one of Adelaide’s most convenient places to get food. You will find a restaurant that suits your taste and your budget.

Rundle Mall

You can also head north towards Rundle Mall. This is Adelaide’s central shopping mall, and it houses over a thousand individual stores, including Haigh’s Chocolate. Stopping by Haigh’s for some of the best chocolate in Australia is a must if you’re in Adelaide.


After a long day of retail therapy, you can board public transport from the city centre to Glenelg. This seaside suburb has beautiful beaches and coastal views. It’s a great place to unwind and eat dinner after a long day.

Day 2- Go To The Zoo

The wildlife attractions in Adelaide make it an excellent place to take kids of any age. These include Adelaide Zoo, Monarto ZooOpens in a new tab., and Cleland Wildlife ParkOpens in a new tab.. Make sure to visit one of these zoos on your second day in Adelaide.

Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide’s zoo is the most central and contains the largest collection of animals. It is located next to the Torrens River and is only ten minutes from the city centre.

This zoo is notable for housing the only pair of Giant Pandas in the Southern Hemisphere. This zoo is the best spot to go if you want easy access and a complete all-around animal experience.

Day 3- Visit The Art Gallery And The Botanical Gardens

Spend your third day in Adelaide exploring the city’s other highlights. These three locations combine the historical, natural, and it’s beauty harmoniously.

The Art Gallery Of South Australia

You should start off by checking out some art in a gallery. Whether or not you are interested in art, the Art Gallery of South Australia has a fantastic collection of historical artifacts. It is a tourist attraction in the heart of the city with free general access.

The gallery’s rooms are organized by themes rather than chronologically. This gallery features a diverse range of rotating exhibitions that change on a regular basis throughout the year.

Mount Lofty

After spending the morning at the art gallery, head to Mount LoftyOpens in a new tab. for the best views of Adelaide. The top provides a stunning view of Adelaide and its lush surroundings. Mount Lofty is located in the Adelaide Hills, about 20 minutes from the city centre.

Adelaide Botanical Gardens

Finally, the Botanical Garden is a peaceful place to continue your Mount Lofty adventure. The Botanical Garden is a serene place to conclude your Mount Lofty adventure.

Even if you only spend a short time at the lookout to enjoy the view, eat something, and take a few photographs. This garden is attractive and well-kept.

Day 4- Tour The Kangaroo Island

Due to its distance from the city centre, getting to the island takes some time. This island is an escape destinationOpens in a new tab. because of its untamed wilderness, clear waters, and unique rock formations.

Getting to Kangaroo Island requires a lot of driving and cruising, so you should get up early to see it in a single day. It is Australia’s third-largest island, and its attractions are spread out over a large area.

Seal Bay, Flinders Chase National Park, and the incredible Remarkable Rocks formations are just a few of these attractions.

Day 5- Explore Hahndorf

The German community of Hahndorf is one of the best examples of how much European influence has shaped Adelaide and its surroundings. It is a tourist destinationOpens in a new tab. focused on leisurely discovery and sampling of cuisine, handicrafts, and the world-famous German beer.

In the hills of South Australia, the city boasts several Euro-centric specialty craft stores, pubs, and bakeries that feel like a small piece of Europe. Lutheran architecture also adds an interesting touch to the landscape of Hahndorf.

The only downside to visiting Hahndorf is that due to its small size and widespread popularity, it is typically overcrowded.

What Is The Best Month To Visit Adelaide?

The best time to visit Adelaide is between March and May, during the city’s fall. Rainfall is unlikely during this season, with temperatures ranging from 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 

However, March is the best month to visit Adelaide, especially as a tourist, because major events and festivals take place in March.

Here is a list of the seasons in Adelaide:

  • Summer: December to February
  • Fall: March to May
  • Winter: June to August
  • Spring: September to November

Do You Need A Car To Get Around Adelaide?

Adelaide has convenient public transportation, so you do not need a car to move around the city, though it might be more convenient and better if you have one.

There is a range of options for public transportation in Adelaide, and this information on their transport system will make moving around easier.

It is recommended that you get a MetroCard to use the Adelaide Metro networkOpens in a new tab. for public transportation. You can purchase a regular card or a visitor pass, which provides three days of unlimited travel for a fixed price.

Initially, you will need to put money into an ordinary MetroCard if you decide to use one. You can do this via the internet, retail MetroCard agents, or train station ticket kiosks. To begin your ride, tap your card on the reader as you board your chosen vehicle.

Public Means Of Transportation To Move Around Adelaide

In Adelaide, cars aren’t the only mode of transportation. In fact, as a tourist, you might find Adelaide’s public transport to be much more convenient and efficient. Some of the public transportation options for your movements around Adelaide are listed below.

Buses In Adelaide

There is a free City Connector bus service in the city centre. The 98A/98C loop and the 99A/99C loop are two of several bus loops that run in opposite directions. You can use your MetroCard to board a bus to anywhere in Adelaide.

Railway System In Adelaide

Adelaide’s rail system is great for day trips to nearby attractions. From Adelaide Railway Station, take the Outer Harbor Line train to Semaphore, a coastal neighbourhood, and historic Port Adelaide. Trains leave every 20 to 30 minutes throughout the day.

Trams Access In Adelaide

Adelaide also has a tram service that runs through the city centre and the inner suburbs. It’s the most convenient way to get around town and to Glenelg, a popular beach district. The service is available from 7 a.m. to midnight.

Is Glenelg Worth Visiting?

Glenelg is an Adelaide beachside suburb. Yes, Glenelg is worth a visit. It is one of Adelaide’s most popular tourist destinations. There are many things to see and doOpens in a new tab. in this lovely suburb that impress visitors and locals alike. Here is a list of exciting things to do in Glenelg.

Glenelg Beach

Visiting this beach with your friends and family in Adelaide is an exciting way to spend quality time together. Glenelg Beach is a well-known family-friendly beach park with rides, games, and amusement parks.

Glenelg Art Gallery

Another exciting thing to do in Glenelg is to visit its art gallery. This place will appeal to you more if you have an appreciation for the arts, but everyone is welcome. You can look at art, meet artists, and ask as many questions as you want.

Bay Discovery Center

Visiting this local museum is also on the list of things to do in Glenelg. It is open daily at 10 a.m. and welcomes visitors until 4 p.m. Their active calendar of exhibitions and events shows the best of Adelaide’s arts and history.

Is Hahndorf Worth Visiting?

Hahndorf is another small town in Adelaide that you should visit while you’re there. Because of the historic buildings in this town, it has been named the most popular town to visit in Adelaide. 

Even though this town is small in comparison to others, it would be worthwhile to visit. This city has a winery, a farm barn, an art house, and many other tourist attractions.

Is There A Train From Adelaide To The Barossa Valley?

There is no direct train between Adelaide and the Barossa Valley, but this does not mean that the two locations are not linked.

You can take a train from Adelaide to Gawler Central station and take a taxi to Barossa Valley. Alternatively, you can take the bus from Adelaide to Gawler and a taxi from Gawler to the Barossa Valley.

Places Of Interest In Adelaide- Tourist Attractions

Your visit will be more enjoyable because Adelaide, like every other capital city, has a sufficient number of attractions to choose from. These are some of them:

Art Gallery Of South Australia

One of the most visited places on tour to Adelaide is the famous art gallery of South Australia. This gallery, located in Adelaide’s cultural district centre, houses some of Australia’s best art collections.

It is no surprise that most people enjoy visiting this location because the collection spans 200 years and includes pottery, jewellery, paintings, textiles, sculptures, and other items.

People love to visit this art gallery because of the wide range of collections available. The collection spans the colonial period to the present. The European artwork ranges from the Renaissance to the present, and the only Islamic gallery in Australia is featured in the Asian exhibition.

Barossa Valley 

As one of the most famous wine regions in the world, Adelaide’s wine region is a must-see for any tourist. The Barossa Valley contains over 40 different grape varietals, including the renowned Barossa Shiraz.

The best way to make the most of your day is to join a tourOpens in a new tab.. This way, someone else will take care of the details while you meet local winemakers, take in the breathtaking scenery, and taste some of the most acclaimed wines in the world.

The Waterfall Gully

Waterfall Gully is another popular tourist attraction in Adelaide. The gully, which features seven significant waterfalls, is a beautiful area to explore, because of its stringybark forest, lush green flora, and breathtaking views of Adelaide.

Make a day of it by hiking the popular Waterfall Gully to Mount Lofty trail, which takes 2 to 3 hours to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Coldest Month In Adelaide?

July is the coldest month in Adelaide. This month’s daily average temperature is 46 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Why Is Adelaide Called The Twenty Minute City?

Adelaide is known as the “Twenty-Minute City” because any major point in the city can be reached in twenty minutes or less. The traffic problem in this city has long since been solved, thanks to the excellent infrastructure and transportation options available.

3. Does It Snow In Adelaide?

It rarely snows in Adelaide. However, Mount Lofty occasionally receives a light dusting of snow

Final Words 

Adelaide is an adventurous city. A trip to this city will be worthwhile if properly planned. In addition to their beautiful tourist sites, the security in this city is highly rated, so you can feel at home even as an outsider. Getting around will be a breeze thanks to their efficient transportation system. These qualities and so much more make Adelaide worth seeing. 


We have travelled to many great places around Australia and hope to share our travel tips, hacks, and adventures with you. So come with us as we explore the great down under!

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