Is Coffs Harbour Worth Visiting?

Coffs Harbour is a lively town halfway between Sydney and the Gold Coast, a very popular tourist destination to stop over at when travelling through New South Wales. There is much to see and explore in Coffs Harbour, and much of it you are able to see within a few days.

Coffs Harbour is one town you should consider if you’re looking for your next family holiday destination.

Just visiting the many beaches at Coffs Harbour makes it worth visiting, stop over at the all-popular Big Banana or take a drive into the hills to enjoy delicious wine and food, Coffs Harbour is at top of many travellers’ lists to visit. Explore the Solitary Islands Marine Park and its surroundings.

What’s Coffs Harbour Known For?

Its no doubt Coffs Harbour is known for the Big Banana, it is simply hard not to notice the great yellow Cavendish Banana as you drive up or down the grade into or out of Coffs Harbour. But what makes the Big Banana so popular for families and tourists alike? Let’s explore these below and the other Popular destinations in Coffs Harbour.

The Big Banana

Toboggan Ride

Yes, that giant Yellow banana is known to so many Australians as they travel North to Brisbane or South to Sydney, a great stop-over place for the kids and travelling tourists to stretch their legs, enjoy a good feed, and have a little fun before hitting the road again.

The Big BananaOpens in a new tab. offers so many tourist attractions it can be hard to pick just the right activity to do, but don’t worry the staff and owners have figured that out for you to make visiting a breeze. Just make sure you have good footwear as it is built on the side of a hill and some areas can be hard to access.

Don’t let this deter you though as there is plenty of parking in the multiple areas of the park to make it more accessible. The park underwent a big upgrade and is still improving back in 2018 and has just been granted an additional $50 million in 2020.

So what is there to do at the Big Banana? Well here is a list of all the attractions.

  • Laser Tag
  • Waterpark
  • 4D ride simulator
  • Fun Zone Arcades
  • Toboggan Rides
  • Ice Skating
  • Theatre and Tour
  • Mini Golf
  • Giant Slide
  • Candy Kitchen
  • Reptile World
  • Demolition Derby
  • Opal Centre
  • Gift Shop
  • Cafe and Icecreamery
  • Cheesemaking Workshop and Deli
  • Orchid Shop

As you can see there is so much on offer at the Big Banana, as for the fun passes here is a chart below so you can plan ahead for your perfect trip or stop over at the Big Banana.

Big Banana PackageInclusionsPrice (AUD)
The Big Bunch Of Fun2 Toboggan Rides, 18 Holes of Mini Golf, 1 Theatre & Tour Experience, 1 Ice Skating Session,1 Laser Tag Mission, 2 Racer Slides, 1 Water Park Entry, 1 4D Ride Simulator Ride, 1 Ride Demolition Derby$59
4-9 Attraction ComboPick any 4-9 of these attractions to save 20% off the original price!
2 Toboggan Rides, 2 Laser Tag Missions, Ice Skating, Theatre & Tour, 18 Holes Mini Golf, Water Park (Closed May – Aug), 2 Racer Slides, 4 Racer Slides, 2 4D Rides, 2 Rides Demolition Derby
$34.40 (originally $43)
3 Attraction Combo PackagePick any of the 3 Attractions below:
2 Toboggan Rides, 2 Laser Tag Missions, Ice Skating, Theatre & Tour, 18 Holes Mini Golf, Water Park (Closed May – Aug), 2 Racer Slides, 4 Racer Slides, 2 4D Rides, 2 Rides Demolition Derby
$26.10 (originally $29)
Unlimited PassValid for a full day between 9 am to 5 pm use for any of the following attractions:
Mini Golf, Laser Tag, Giant Slide, World of Bananas Theatre & Tour, 4D Ride Simulator, Ice Skating, Toboggan Ride, Demolition Derby, Water Park (closed May-Aug)

Be sure before you leave to get the all-iconic picture with The Big Banana!

The Clog Barn

As you’re driving through on the main road towards the city centre towards Sydney you will find the Clog BarnOpens in a new tab., representing, Germany and the Netherlands is this little Dutch cafe and tourist attraction. If you love some good pancakes or Licorice then this is one stop you must make.

The cafe makes some of the best pancakes and waffles in town and you can sit and enjoy them overlooking the creek on the patio or inside the eclectic cafe. After you have finished your feed explore the grounds and check out the little gift shop.

If you enjoy trains and mini models then take a chance to walk around the model village and train station which is interactive and fun for little kids to explore. Don’t forget to try on the giant clogs out the front and take pictures and grab yourself a souvenir from the cafe or gift shop.

Popular Beaches In Coffs Harbour

Now, this is one thing many people come to see and do while visiting Coffs Harbour and I can highly recommend these beaches: Coffs Creek, Charlesworth Beach, Jetty Beach and Boambee Creek Reserve.

Coffs Creek

Coffs Creek is located north of Park Beach near the Coffs Harbour Surf Lifesaving Club in the Park Beach Reserve. You can access this inlet/beach off Surf Club Road or Ocean Parade Road.

This little inlet is a great place to swim for little kids or to take the kayak out. You are also able to fish out of this creek. Do be aware of the tide times as this can affect the possibility of swimming.

There are plenty of picnic tables and playgrounds for the kids to enjoy after a day of swimming, or if you’re ready to grab a bite to eat and have a view of the beach then try Surf Club Restaurant and Bar.

Charlesworth Beach

Charlesworth BeachOpens in a new tab. is an almost Private beach giving you those Hawaiian Vibes, located amongst the shrubs at the end of a canopied road makes it feel like you have the whole beach to yourself. This beach is located at the end of Bay Drive near the Big Banana and Solitary Islands Aquarium.

You can also find the start of Diggers Head trail from here which will lead you straight to Diggers Beach if you are up for a hike. This is a 3.2 Kilometre hike in and out and takes roughly 43 minutes round trip to complete.

Along the track is an absolutely stunning view that allows you to see parts of Coffs Harbour and you can see whales during Whale season from this Vantage Point.

Jetty Beach

By far the most popular and most visited beach in Coffs Harbour is Jetty Beach. Where else can you go in Coffs Harbour and enjoy fabulous sunsets, a bit of boogie boarding, fishing off the Jetty, watching the boats come in and out, grabbing some fish and chips, and enjoying the parks and picnic tables that surround it?

Jetty Beach that’s where, but don’t let your fun stop there, a short walk from Jetty Beach there is much more to explore. That’s right there’s more, take a walk along the rock wall and look out into the sea to possibly catch a glimpse of the Whales.

There’s also the opportunity to take the alternative walkway where the boats dock and look into the waters and see the various amounts of sealife below, this walk runs along the bottom of the rock wall and meets up with it at the end. Although you can walk up to the rock wall at various other spots via stairs.

Want to explore past the rock wall? Well, you can by going up Mutton Bird Island Nature ReserveOpens in a new tab. (this walk is not for the faint of heart), this path is suitable for the well-fit as it is a bit steep. Proper walking shoes are recommended for this path, although they have improved the path over the years it can still be tricky in some areas.

Once at the top though the walk is well worth it as the panoramic views are spectacular, but don’t forget you are on a reserve for the well-known Mutton Birds that have their burrows here and are a protected species.

After all, that walking you are probably ready for a bite to eat, well don’t worry there are plenty of selections to choose from. Whether you want an all-Aussie classic of Fish and Chips or want to be a bit adventurous and try a Gourmet Burger then you can definitely find that here.

Another fan favourite is the Coffs Harbour Yacht Club for a little more fine dining and Cocktails.

Boambee Creek Reserve

If you are looking for a place with amenities close by and a place to grab a bite to eat but also want to be able to sit back and relax then Boambee Creek ReserveOpens in a new tab. should be on your list to visit. Now although there is a fee to use the reserve it is well worth it, alternatively, you can park on the street above but it is a steep hill to walk down so keep that in mind.

The fee to enter the reserve is $6 per vehicle and payment is by card only. The reserve is open daily from 8 am to 9 pm. There are BBQ shelters available and it is by rental only so call the park to reserve a spot on 66 531 096, the cost for the hire is $60 for the day.

The reserve is family-friendly and dog friendly, but your dog must be on a leash at all times. The kiosk opening hours where you can get a selection of muffins, fish and chips, cakes, burgers, coffee and drinks open between 8 am to 3:30 pm daily.

Although Boambee Creek isn’t considered a beach, it does have a creekside beach and does connect back to the ocean. It is a highly visited area due to its amenities and the number of water activities that can be done.

You can partake in activities such as swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, snorkelling, building sand castles, having a birthday party, and so much more.

The creek is family-friendly due to its low tides and shallow water areas making it safe for all ages, there is not much of a current either until you wade quite a distance into the water.

This is a family favourite, a place where you can literally spend all day and enjoy the fantastic weather and cool down with ease making it a number one choice for many locals of the area.

Explore Around Coffs Harbour

That’s right explore around the outskirts of Coffs Harbour, we don’t recommend staying just within the city limits as there are many fantastic places to visit within a 30-minute drive from the city centre. Go into the hills or explore some other fantastic beaches nearby. Go to some wineries or explore the small town of Urunga or Bellingen.

We’ve put together a list of places to visit around Coffs Harbour For your convenience, so why not check them out.

The Wineries Around Coffs Harbour

Two Tails Winery

There are 3 wineries nearby Two Tails Winery, Raliegh Winery, and The Vin Natural Wines. You don’t have to go to the Hunter Valley or Barossa Valley to enjoy good quality wine. If you only want a short tour and tasting with some delicious food and wine then try out Two Tails Winery.

Two Tails WineryOpens in a new tab. offers some of the region’s best wine, they grow onsite, give tours, have a fabulous restaurant, and the bonus of a B&B right at the vineyard. The Chef at Two Tails Winery has carefully designed a menu that pairs perfectly with all of their wines.

Why not give their Lizards Blood Tawny with Chocolate plate a try, or a Sparkling Blueberry Wine or Chocolate Chilli Wine?

Although Two Tails Winery has recently closed its doors, do not worry they are soon to reopen under new ownership. The previous owners have had to close their doors due to health issues and council issues beyond their reach. We will update you as soon as they re-open.

Boardwalk Of Urunga

Urunga is located in the Bellingen Shire just South Of Coffs Harbour, it’s a 24-minute drive to reach the town. One of the best-hidden secrets of Urunga is the Boardwalk, it’s a 2.1-metre track to the end and back. It stretches out over the Bellinger Heads State Park, leading you through mangroves and sand dunes.

At the end of the wooden path boardwalk, it leads you straight to the ocean, although swimming is not encouraged at this beach due to high winds, no lifeguards and rough waves and rip currents. If you do want to swim the best place is on the north side of the Boardwalk at the start called Urunga Lido.

There are plenty of spots for picnics, swimming, kayaking, and parks for the kids, and if you’d like you can caravan here but bookings must be made with Reflections Holiday Parks. There are plenty of amenities to suit all needs. Fishing is permitted at this beach and off the Boardwalk but you must have a fishing permit.

Take A Drive To Bellingen

If you’d like a more laid-back style of exploring then you must take the drive into Bellingen. Explore the eclectic shops and discover the history of Bellingen. Stop in at the Old Butter Factory a popular tourist cafe it has a mini village to explore with plenty of wooden art pieces at the Wood Craft Gallery and souvenirs.

If you’re looking to play a round of Golf on some beautiful fairways then check out the Bellingen Golf Club. The fairways are kind with beautiful old trees, and lovely staff, and afterwards, grab yourself a bite to eat at the Chinese restaurant.

Want to cool down while in Bellingen after walking the streets? Take a short drive to a local hidden secret called Never Never Creek. Where after a good rain, you can see the river flowing, have a lovely cool swim, take a picnic out and sit amongst the pebble banks under giant canopies of trees. There is parking available but there are no toilets.

Treetops Adventure Coffs Harbour

Are you UP for some high-up-in-the-trees adventures, you’re not scared of heights and like a little thrill and a challenge. Then Treetops Adventure in Coffs HarbourOpens in a new tab. is a must-stop for the whole family. Friendly Staff to help guide you through the park that cascades over Orara East State Forest.

A thrilling adventure for the whole family as you walk on high ropes and paths while carabined to a zip line-like structure in the treetops that overlook Coffs Harbour below. Now if this is not your kind of adventure then you do have the opportunity of two spots to check out while other members are doing the agility course.

First, on the way up to Treetops, you can stop in at Korora Lookout and check out the rock pillars that have formed over many years. The second option is walking the Forest Sky Pier which stretches out over the tree canopies and gives you a panoramic view that is truly breathtaking.

So the next time you are travelling through Coffs Harbour or are looking for a place to stay between Sydney and the Gold Coast, then Coffs Harbour should definitely be on the top of your list. Coffs Harbour truly has so much to offer every member and traveller alike.


We have travelled to many great places around Australia and hope to share our travel tips, hacks, and adventures with you. So come with us as we explore the great down under!

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