Is Perth Worth Visiting?

Perth is the city to go to if you want to learn about the history of gold in Australia and see the world’s largest gold bullion coin. Plus, where else can you see a live gold pour in Australia?

Perth is worth visiting for people who want an easy-going holiday. Unlike bigger cities like Sydney and Melbourne, Perth has everything close by, campsites, beaches and reserves. Experience the best seafood that comes from Western Australia and enjoy a glass of Sauvignon Blanc from Margaret River.

You can have it all in Perth Western Australia because it is a condensed city that values its cultural heritage, natural wildlife and history of mining. Perth has it all close to its central business district (CBD). You can stay at campsites nearby and use the rail system to get around. Perth’s train system is good enough that you can park your car and train into the main city.

You can head to Fremantle Prison to see where the convicts stayed in 1850. Entry is free but if you want to do guided tours, there will be a fee. There are interesting tours such as Tunnel Tours and True Crime, for those who want to re-live the hard life convicts had when they were in Perth. Perth offers a glimpse of life during the 1850s with modern conveniences.

How Many Days Do You Need In Perth?

Spend 3 days in Perth to enjoy what the city offers. Kick off your stay by going to Elizabeth Quay, where you can begin your Heart of Gold Discovery Trail. For the trail, there is an app that points to 11 interesting landmarks that focuses on Perth’s history with gold mining.

The 2.5km walk is entirely self-guided using an app on your phone. You will be on the lookout for the Golden Eagle Nugget replica to the Perth Mint on Hay Street. It is not a race, and there is no time limit. You can stop by various playgrounds or public art around Elizabeth Quay. Perth Mint should be your first or last stop or schedule around live gold pour times.

From Elizabeth Quay, you can also watch Venetian Gondolas float pass, complete with the gondolier wearing the striped shirt uniform. After that, head to Perth City Farm to visit the Market Garden, Bush Tucker Garden and Chook Palace. Entry into the farm is free, but you may need to pay for the special events and workshops. If you are interested in learning how to grow food or preserve your own produce, check out their calendar at Perth City FarmOpens in a new tab..

On the second day, head to Rottnest Island via ferry, departing from Perth. Depending on the season, there is much to do. You cannot drive on the island, so you can take a bus around the island to your accommodation. There are powered and non-powered campsites close to Thompson Bay for $40 a night per site. Rottnest island campgroundOpens in a new tab. has shared toilets and showers. You can cook from one of 4 barbeque plates in the outdoor camp kitchen, and it also has power points for your own appliances.

On your last day visit Fremantle, the Fremantle Discovery Trail is perfect for a day’s worth of attractions. Head to the prison, markets and museum that showcases the culture and history of Fremantle and Perth. For photographers, there are many street arts, heritage buildings, Tourist Wheel and the infamous ContainbowOpens in a new tab.– where colourful containers are joined to form a rainbow arch.

What Is The Best Month To Visit Perth?

The best time to visit Perth is during the Australian spring which is September through to November. This time will give you sunny days without the heat, while December to February may be too hot as the country heads to summer. In winter, from June to August, it can get wet and windy, and the temperature may go down to 8 C. You can visit Perth any time of the year, depending on what you plan on doing.

From September to November, the flowering season in Perth means places like Kings Park, Wireless Hill Reserves will bloom with wildflowers. Head to the John Forrest National Park, the oldest national park in Western Australia, for the flowers and the Swan View Tunnel.

The tunnel was built in 1894 by 300 people, and it is 340m long. For animal lovers, Perth Canyon is where you should be, from March to May. Watch the majestic Blue Whale feed on krill, Humpback and Southern Right whales coming for calving season.

However, you can visit Perth any time you want, because there is always something to do indoors or outdoors. There are comedy festivals, beer festivals, and art festivals to keep you busy any time you visit. Of course, if you are planning to attend a particular festival, check the event times and plan your day around it.

Is It Easy To Get Around Perth?

It is easy to get around Perth because the city has a few ways to move around the city. You can hire bicyclesOpens in a new tab. for a fee of $25 a day and above. Perth is a cycling-friendly city, and you can enjoy great views around the city.

There are also free Central Area Transit (CAT) buses in the city centre, Fremantle and Joondalup, and they stop at major shopping areas or attractions. From there, you can hop on to a train and go further out to the beach or national parks; or take a ferry to arrive at Perth Zoo.

Perth uses a zone system, where the farther you go the more expensive it gets. Transperth fares will cover you for 2 hours within 2 zones, and 3 hours if you are beyond 4 zones.

If you are planning to use public transport, Perth offers an unlimited day travel DayRider ticket or a FamilyRider for a maximum of 7 people with time frame limitations. You can buy a FamilyRider ticket any time during weekends and public holidays, or after 9 am during the Perth school holidays. If you have a large family, the FamilyRider means only 2 people would be paying the full fare to cover the cost.

What Is Perth Known For?

Perth is the most isolated city in Australia because there is a desert between it and the other states. It is also the largest city in Western Australia, around it mining lands that hunt for gold and iron ore. As the sunniest capital on Earth, you can bask in the sun for around 8 hours a day unless it rains, even during winter. This is probably why the 19 beaches in Perth are always full of people.

There are many things Perth is known for, there is something for everyone. There are tunnels and prisons for historical buffs, street arts and galleries for photographers and Instagrammers. For families, there are parks full of native wildflowers and animals you can camp with. However, your visit will not be complete if you haven’t seen the quokka’s cheeky smile on Rottnest Island.


We have travelled to many great places around Australia and hope to share our travel tips, hacks, and adventures with you. So come with us as we explore the great down under!

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