Things To Know About Traveling In Australia On A Budget?

Traveling around Australia, or any place in general can be a little heavy on your wallet if you do not have a lot saved up. Yet, youngsters worldwide realize their love for travelling without dipping too deep into their finances. How exactly can they achieve that is where small, yet collectively significant, tips and tricks come in. So, let’s break down everything you need to know about travelling in Australia on a budget!

To travel on a budget in Australia, you should consider buying or renting an old campervan online. This campervan can serve as a feasible yet mobile shelter where you can even cook your own food – something that is highly recommended if you’re travelling on a budget. Lastly, don’t forget to soak in the authentic Australian lifestyle and take in everything Australia offers.

It’s important to note that, judging by the duration of your tour, your itinerary will vary; campervans primarily cater to the long-term where, for instance, you are planning to stay in Australia for three months. Keeping that in mind, buying or renting a campervan will save you a lot on accommodation and its daily expenses in general, allowing you more room in your budget for recreation.

How To Travel On A Budget In Australia

Trying to fit a travel plan to Australia within a reasonable budget can sound daunting for inexperienced travellers. However, if you’ve made it this far, then keep reading to learn about the most helpful tips and tricks that you’re going to need when planning out your next trip to Australia.

Buy An Old Campervan

This might sound absurd to some readers but buying an old campervan is our top and most workable hack. Although campervans are expensive, they significantly cut your train fare for travelling to different cities. Don’t also forget that at the end of your trip, you can always sell it to someone, perhaps at an even better deal.

The best thing about a campervan is that it allows you to travel across Australia without any restrictions or unnecessary stops. On top of travelling, it serves as your own personal shelter where you can sleep, cook and even use the toilet. With the freedom to explore the many hidden gems of Australia instead of going to the same old and boring tourist spots, you can turn your little trip into a memorable adventure.

When you purchase your new campervan, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, check if the van has good mileage or some kind of bed. Then, if you plan on cooking for yourself, then narrow down campervans that come with a stove and kitchen sink. Lastly, as far as credible sellers go, there are many websites from which you can buy a used campervan, such as yesapproved and campingcar-online.

Cook Your Own Meals 

Now that you own a van, you can cook food for yourself if it comes with a stove. This is highly recommended as buying cooked meals in Australia can be expensive; for instance, a large pizza can cost around $12 – $15, whereas pasta or BBQ can cost slightly more. 

We also recommend cooking your own meals because simple groceries and ingredients are relatively cheap in Australia – it’s almost as if the economy encourages you to cook. 

Sleep In Your Van

Sleeping in your van has to be the biggest perk of owning a van. You don’t have to look for hostels or hotels because you can sleep anytime in your comfy bed behind your driving seat. And when you wake up, you can just enjoy and appreciate the view from your window. However, the only concern inexperienced travellers tend to have is parking accommodations.

While many websites and apps allow you to locate which towns and places are parking-friendly, you can also do things the old-fashioned way. Look for a parking sign, and if it says “no parking,” don’t park there. However, you are good to go if there are no “no parking” or “no stopping” signs and you see many vans parked.

Stay In Hostels Instead Of Hotels

Let’s say you didn’t find a parking spot and need to sleep somewhere. In this case, never look for hotels but find hostels, specifically “backpackers” hostels. These hostels are way cheaper as compared to hotels. 

Such hostels have all the basic facilities you need, including a kitchen and several washing machines, allowing you to both cook your food and do your laundry. Hostels also have common rooms where many people hang around to get to know each other. We highly recommend connecting with like-minded individuals worldwide to make your tour a more memorable experience.

Immerse Yourself In Nature And Culture

Australia is expanded on a wide area of land with varying geography. On the east and west coasts, you can find squeaky white sand beaches with blue and turquoise water, while the central and western region consists of dunes and deserts. Driving in a campervan allows you to discover these hidden gems of Australia, so make sure to immerse yourself in the breathtaking nature this land has to offer.

Moreover, with many years of history, Australia has some of the best museums and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park, Purnululu National Park, and Willandra Lakes region. Many of these parks tend to charge little to no entry fees, so be sure to check them out!


When Is The Cheapest Time Of The Year To Fly To Australia?

The cheapest months to fly to Australia are during May-June and then again from July-September. During these months, the ticket fare is at the lowest.   

How Much Cash Should I Keep With Me In Australia?

Keep enough cash with you to get to your hotel from the airport. But don’t worry if you forget because you will find ATMs in every major city and airport in Australia.

Which Places Should I Not Visit In Australia?

There are many restricted areas in Australia. It includes The Woomera Prohibited Area, Heard Island, Pine Gap, Wittenoom, and Point Nepean National Park.  

Final Thoughts

At first, it may seem like travelling to Australia on a budget involves accounting for more factors than your hands can count. However, if you simply follow our five best saving hacks, which is the crux of what experienced travel enthusiasts do, then you are sure to get the best value out of your hard-earned money!


We have travelled to many great places around Australia and hope to share our travel tips, hacks, and adventures with you. So come with us as we explore the great down under!

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