What Is There To See In Western Australia?

Do you long for adventure? Do you dream of taking your family back to nature to make some unforgettable memories together? If so, Western AustraliaOpens in a new tab. could be the perfect place for you. The largest state in Australia, it is a paradise of wilderness and breathtaking natural beauty.

Western Australia has so much to see from Kangaroos to Quokkas, and even Camel rides at Cable Beach. Discover the vast Australian outback, and waterfalls, or Surf till your heart is content, laze amongst the 3,500 beaches on offer or go shopping in one of its local 56 cities.

Whatever you desire there is so much to see in Western Australia. Maybe you live on a houseboat and you are looking for your next port of call, why not check out what areas in Western Australia you can dock at and explore the area.

With gorgeous sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters, amazing rock formations, and an incredible array of wildlife, there is something for everyone in Western Australia. Let’s take a look at some of the top unmissable places to visit. Or click on the tours below to book an activity.

White Sand Beaches In Cable Beach, Broome Western Australia

Cable Beach in Broome is a stunning 22-kilometre white sandy beach on the Indian Ocean, bordered by rising red cliffs. It is a quiet, expansive, flat beach that is perfect for families to visit all year round. The beach is famous for its iconic camel rides, where you can take in every inch of the beautiful surroundings.

From Cable Beach, you can see one of the most amazing sights: watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean. If you want to make it extra special, you can take the beauty in from the camel tour, but either way, it will make an extraordinary moment for all the family.

The beach itself is perfect for relaxing but you can also get active if you want to. There are jellyfish in the waters from November to May but outside of those times, it is safe to swim between the flags. You can also fit in some fishing, kayaking, and even some surfing (conditions depending).

4WD vehicles are allowedOpens in a new tab. on some sections of the beach, so if you are taking a road trip you will be able to drive directly there.

Discover Ningaloo Reef Turquoise Bay In Western Australia

If you are looking to immerse yourself in some incredible aquatic wildlife, Ningaloo Reef truly is a must-see. The world’s largest fringing reef, Ningaloo is directly accessible from the shore and boasts a breathtaking 300 species of coral and 500 species of fish. What this UNESCO World HeritageOpens in a new tab. site is most famous for, however, is its whale sharks.

There are very few places around the world where you can get the opportunity to swim with whale sharks and Ningaloo Reef is one of them. Around 500 whale sharks congregate there every year from March until the end of July, and swimming with them is truly an unforgettable experience.

You can also spot turtles, humpback whales, and manta rays during the right times of the year, and you can spend some time snorkelling around the reef taking in the teeming sea wildlife. The reef is 280 km long so there is plenty to explore.

A popular spot to snorkel and explore is Turquoise Bay, and you can drift snorkel, letting the currents take you along the length of the reef. If diving’s your thing, this is also a great spot to launch.

If you’d prefer to take in the reef while staying dry, you also have the option of a glass-bottomed boat tour.

Ningaloo Reef

Laze Amongst The Margaret River Beaches In Western Australia

You may not have realized that you wanted to go on a beach tour, but that’s exactly what Margaret River offers. Running from Busselton to Albany, along the way you will find surfing beaches, coves, bays, reefs, and gorgeous white sand.

There are beaches that will suit every member of your family and if you are looking for something different to see and do every day, this would be a great place to set up for your trip.

And you don’t just have to stick to beach fun. Branching out a little, you can take the famous Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, get involved in hiking and rock climbing, and even mountain biking or kayaking. As a spot for an adventure vacation, Margaret River is hard to beat.

Margaret River Mouth Western Australia

Road Trip The Kimberley In Western Australia

Moving away from the sea and into the wilderness of Western Australia, The Kimberley is a destination that is for the adventurous. It encompasses the northwestern corner of the country and is packed full of awe-inspiring sights.

There are looming canyons, majestic waterfalls, freshwater swimming holes, breathtaking gorges, a wide range of wildlife, Aboriginal rock art, as well as outback stations.

The most popular way of exploring The Kimberley is with a 4WD road trip along Gibb River Road. At around 600 kilometres, this is a substantial road trip where you will get to see an incredible amount of the best landscapes that Australia has to offer.

This is the perfect opportunity for you and your family to spend quality time together on a real adventure.

Check Out Rottnest Island Off Of Western Australias Coast

Rottnest Island is a great day trip that mixes interesting historical landmarks and facts with the most beautiful animals, water activities, and beautiful landscapes. It is a peaceful island located 19 kilometres off the coast of Perth and is accessible via a ferry.

The island got its name from its most famous inhabitant: the quokkas. You will almost certainly have seen the most adorable quokka photographs at some point, and these creatures really are as friendly and cute as they seem. To the Dutch explorer, Willem de FlaminghOpens in a new tab. who first landed there in the late 1600s, however, the quokka looked like large rats. Hence the name, Rat Island.

There is a museum on the island that has fascinating historical exhibits and dotted around the edge are limestone houses that were made by convicts. You can also take in a wide range of fascinating shipwrecks.

If you’re looking for something more active, there are lots of beaches to explore, cycle paths and hiking trails to follow, and snorkelling spots to dive into.

Valley Of The Giants (Western Australia)

Western Australia’s Valley of the Giants is a singular and stunning location distinguished by its soaring tingle trees. These 400+-year-old trees may grow up to 75 meters in height and are exclusively found in Western Australia’s southwest. 

The valley’s main attraction is the 600-meter elevated boardwalk known as the Tree Top Walk, which offers visitors breathtaking views of the forest canopy and the surrounding area.

The Walpole-Nornalup National Park is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including different species of birds, marsupials, and reptiles. It also contains the Valley of the Giants. 

The Beedelup Falls, the Warren River, and the Munda Biddi Trail are just a few sights visitors can discover in the park.

Anyone visiting Western Australia should explore the Valley of the Giants. It is a well-liked vacation spot for tourists and residents due to its unusual tingle trees, breathtaking terrain, and varied wildlife.

The Valley of the Giants is the ideal spot to discover and connect with the natural splendour of Western Australia, whether you’re a nature lover, an adventurer, or just looking for a quiet getaway from the city.

The Pinnacles (Western Australia)

One of the most remarkable and breathtaking natural wonders in Western Australia is The Pinnacles. These antiquated rock formations in the Nambung National Park rise out of the dunes to create a harsh and bizarre landscape. The Pinnacles are up to five meters tall and are thought to be between 25,000 and 30,000 years old.

Walking along the indicated pathways that wind through the bizarre scenery allows visitors to The Pinnacles to explore the park on foot. The best times to go are early morning or late in the day when the light illuminates the formations and creates an amazing and unique sight. 

With numerous bird species and small marsupials calling the park home, there are also prospects for wildlife encounters.

Anyone travelling through Western Australia should stop at The Pinnacles. The Pinnacles offer a singular destination worth noting, whether you’re a nature lover, photographer, or simply looking for a unique and breathtaking experience.

The Pinnacles, located in the centre of Western Australia, are a true gem with its historical formations, stunning surroundings, and varied species.

Kings Park

Kings Park, located in the centre of Perth, Western Australia, is one of the largest inner-city parks in the world, with a total area of more than 400 hectares. It is a well-liked tourist destination with breathtaking city vistas, undeveloped bushland, and botanical gardens. 

The State War Memorial, which honours the Western Australian men and women who served in the military, is also located in the park.

In addition to eucalyptus trees, wildflower gardens, and a stunning display of Western Australian flora in the Botanic Garden, Kings Park is renowned for its wide variety of landscapes. 

Visitors can stroll through the park’s numerous walking routes, picnic with friends and family, or unwind in one of the tranquil areas while taking in the city views.

Kings Park is a must-see location for everyone visiting Perth or Western Australia. Kings Park has something for everyone, regardless of your needs—whether you’re looking for a quiet retreat from the city or want to take in the state’s natural splendour and rich history.

Kings Park in the centre of Western Australia is a gem with its breathtaking views, varied landscapes, and rich cultural heritage.

Meet And Feed The Dolphins At Monkey Mia

The Western Australian resort town of Monkey Mia is well-known for its everyday encounters with wild bottlenose dolphins. Monkey Mia visitors can get up close and personal with these wonderful animals as they swim into the shallow beach waters to be fed by the rangers.

The dolphin interactions at Monkey Mia are a singular and remarkable experience that gives guests a chance to interact with these joyful and intelligent animals in their natural environment. 

The interactions are strictly regulated to reduce human impact on the surrounding ecosystem and are carefully monitored to safeguard the dolphins’ safety.

For everyone travelling through Western Australia, stopping through Monkey Mia and participating in the dolphin encounters are essential activities. 

The encounters at Monkey Mia provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, whether you’re a wildlife lover, a marine enthusiast, or simply looking for a unique and memorable experience.

Monkey Mia is an unmissable vacation spot thanks to its breathtaking shoreline, varied wildlife, and wonderful experiences with wild dolphins.

North Western Aboriginal Rock Art

Western Australia’s unique and priceless cultural heritage is the Aboriginal Rock Art of the North West. The stories, beliefs, and customs of the Indigenous people who lived there for tens of thousands of years are portrayed in the artwork. 

Paintings, engravings, and sculptures are all examples of rock art, which offers a fascinating look into the rich cultural legacy of the Indigenous people of Western Australia.

The Aboriginal Rock Art of the North West is a protected cultural site to secure its preservation for future generations. Visitors can see the old artwork and hear from trained guides about its cultural significance. 

The Burrup Peninsula, the Murujuga National Park, and the Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency are a few of the most well-known rock art locations in the North West.

A visit to the Aboriginal Rock Art of the North West is a must for everyone curious about Western Australia’s rich cultural past.

Rock art offers a fascinating look into the lives of the Indigenous people of Western Australia. It is a tribute to their rich cultural past, whether you’re a history buff, an art enthusiast, or simply looking for a different and enlightening experience.

In Conclusion

Overall, Western Australia is an area of the country that can often be overlooked when vacation-hunting, but it has some of the very best wilderness, aquatic, and adventure opportunities that Australia has to offer.

Western Australia’s beautiful and expansive state is situated on Australia’s west coast. It is a well-liked tourism destination due to its varied topography and extensive history.

Travellers to Western Australia can explore the state’s magnificent beaches, take scenic drives along its breathtaking coastline, go hiking in its lush national parks, or learn about its rich cultural history.

Western Australia has plenty to offer everyone, whether they are into outdoor activities, seeing wildlife, or just unwinding in a natural environment.

You can tailor your vacation to have precisely the sorts of activities that you and your family love, and you can do it all with the most breathtaking natural backdrop you could ever hope for.


We have travelled to many great places around Australia and hope to share our travel tips, hacks, and adventures with you. So come with us as we explore the great down under!

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