What Is Yeppoon Known For?

Yeppoon is a quiet town North-East of Rockhampton part of the Capricorn Coast, it takes around 38 minutes to travel from Rockhampton to Yeppoon. This beautiful coastal town has many attractions and with the councils’ improvements have made it a desirable place to go for the holidays.

Yeppoon is known for its many islands off the coast, beautiful tropical climates, sea turtles off the bay and its many beaches. Whether you go to Wreck Point Lookout for sea turtles or spend the day at the infinity pool located at the lagoon, there’s sure to be fun held by the whole family.

Yeppoon is located just under 8 hours from Brisbane and 12 hours from Cairns, it has access to the Coral Sea and the Great Barrier Reef. It is an ideal location for snorkelling, but there are sharks and crocodiles in the area as it is located within the croc country. When swimming in the oceans or rivers of Queensland you must be shark-wise and croc-wise.

Is Yeppoon Lagoon Infinity Pool Free?

Yeppoon Lagoon is the centre of Yeppoon attractions, built by the council on May 5th 2018 to liven up the city and bring more tourists to the area. They created an infinity pool overlooking the beautiful Yeppoon Main Beach with The RocksOpens in a new tab. Cafe and Restaurant where you can order delicious coffees and pizzas as well as other food.

The pool at Yeppoon Lagoon is absolutely free for public use and is even handicap friendly and child friendly. It has a sloped entry on one end of the pool and is a great area for young children to play. This infinity pool makes you feel like you are at a resort.

Do be mindful though that if you choose to come to spend the day at the Lagoon on a warmer day that you may want to arrive early as tables are taken up quickly. Alternatively, there are grass areas around the pool where you can lay out your own blanket and shade as long as it doesn’t go into the ground.

Another thing to be aware of if you are not walking to the lagoon or taking public transport, there are not many street parking spots available. There is however a paid parking lotOpens in a new tab. at Appleton Park which costs $2 an hour between 8:30 am-5:00 pm, they accept cards only via their app or debit card, no cash.

Wreck Point Lookout Yeppoon Queensland

The Wreck Point Lookout located off Cooee Bay is a great place to take kids to spot some sea turtles and whales during the whale watching season. The turtles come up quite close to the rocks off the point. From this area, you can also gaze across the many islands that surround Yeppoon.

There is great history to be read about at the lookout, so not only great for photos and sightseeing but for historical education as well. That’s one thing you’ll find in common about Australia, that at most places you go to you can read up on the history of the unique places and immerse yourself in its history.

The History of wreck point goes as follows, it symbolises the wreck that occurred in 1848 when a crewless 62-tonne vessel went adrift after going missing in 1847 and washed up onto the banks. It was said to have been carrying timber logs headed for Sydney. It drifted for a total of 2600 nautical miles before making its final landing, the lookout deck at the point depicts that of the ship that washed up.

Furthermore, there are 6 plaques that line where the lookout is and they tell the historyOpens in a new tab. of where in 1770 Captain Cook travelled along his way and discovered Keppel Bay. It also tells the story of Matthew Flinders’s survey reports from 1803. you can also learn more about the indigenous custodians of the land the Durumbal Nation.

Shell World Yeppoon

Shell World located in Yeppoon is a great stop for all ages to see, and view, some of the shells you can touch. There are many different types of shells that can be found around Australia. It can be a great marine biology lesson for all ages as well as the volunteers that work there have a vast amount of knowledge.

Shell World is located at 1 Scenic Highway, about 5 minutes drive from the Esplanade near the Lagoon. There is a gold coin donation to view the museum as all proceeds go towards the Keppel Bay Shell Club. They are open 7 days a week from 9am-5pm. You can purchase shells and other novelties from the store inside.

Shell World with the Keppel Bay Shell Club holds yearly Shell shows where you can see a much wider range of shells from around the world that are brought in by avid collectors that attend the show. Overall having a visit to Shell World is well worth it.

Appleton Park

Appleton Park is the perfect park to go to with the whole family as it’s within close proximity to the Lagoon and Yeppoon Skate Park, with this in mind it caters to all ages. Whether you have teens that want to hit the ramps of the skate park or go for a dip at the Lagoon once the weather heats up.

The Appleton Park has sand play areas, disability access and wheelchair swing, a 10.45 metre high Octo net for climbing, BBQ facilities and tables with ample shade from both mature trees and coverings. With all of these amenities available, it’s no wonder it’s considered the best park in Yeppoon for holding birthday parties and family gatherings.

If you do want to park there are 3 options for parking the top of the park, to the side, and the front of the park. Do keep in mind that the park is known to get very busy on the weekends so it’s best to show up early. There is also a paid parking option which puts you in a prime spot to use all facilities without having to carry your items far.

Keppel Kraken

Keppel Kraken is an outdoor splash waterpark that shoots up jets of water from various locations withing the park. Designed to look like a mystical creature from the depths of the ocean with tentacles and a giant octopus head, allowing the imagination to run wild and children and adults alike explore through this rather incredible giant splash pad.

The tentacles and head of the Kraken are vividly coloured with mosiacs and aboriginal arts, making it spectacular to look at. There is plenty of seating surrounding the splash pad so you could come for a picnic.

You would need to bring already prepared food though as there are no BBQ’s available. it can also become quite hot as there’s not much shade available so bring plenty of sunscreen, hats, and water to keep hydrated.

Keppel Kraken is located right in the middle of the Esplande of Yeppoon overlooking Keppel Bay, there are some incredible views from this standpoint. Keppel Kraken is unique in that it has the one and only umbrella bucket in Queensland, it also has water cannons and jets.

So the next time you come to Yeppoon be sure to check out all of these incredible places as you walk along the Esplanade and drive around the town. All of these locations can certainly be visited in one day as all are within close proximity to each other. So make Yeppoon one of your next destination locations!


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