Why Do People Visit Darwin?

Tucked away in the most northerly part of Australia is an absolute gem of a city, Darwin. Known as being the capital of the Northern Territory in Australia, this city is the smallest of all the capitals in the country.

Considering the sparse population in the Northern Territory, Darwin serves as the regional centre, while also being the link between other countries, such as Indonesia. This city boasts a population of nearly 150,000 – which means it plays home to over half of the Northern Territory’s total population.

Despite its size, this stunning tropical city is an avid destination for tourists. Situated upon a low bluff, the city faces immaculate views of Darwin Harbor and the Arafura Sea.

Many people go to visit Darwin for its cultural aspect, crocodile experiences, the famous Mindil Beach Markets, the spectacular waterfront park with a wave lagoon, and a central hub to visit many of the national parks around the city. It’s a family-accommodating city where the whole family can have fun.

Much like the majority of northern Australia, this city is susceptible to experiencing both the wet and dry seasons. Many locals will attest that the city experiences a period known as the “build-up”, which is when the climate is changing to reflect the wet season.

This is when both the temperature and humidity begin to steadily increase, while the surrounding natural landscape comes alive – turning an immaculate shade of green from growth. During the wet season, it isn’t uncommon for the Darwin area to experience monsoons and cyclones, however, during the dry season, the city is known for its beautifully clear skies and mild sea breezes.

Why Do People Visit Darwin?

Regardless of the fact that Darwin is often regarded as being a smaller city, it has an abundant amount of entertainment and enjoyment to offer any tourist. This stunning seaside city is located within close proximity to immaculate national parks, wetlands, and islands alike.

Therefore, folks who visit the city have just as much to do outside of the city, as they do within it. The national parks offer the opportunity to take in the natural tropical beauty of the area, swim underneath waterfalls, visit ancient ruins, and much more.

Within the city, there are options to please any visitor. One of the reasons Darwin has skyrocketed in popularity is both the nightlife and the food scene. With large Asian influences, night markets and food stands have become incredibly common.

Therefore, visitors can take a walk around the city and feel as though they have stepped into another country. The city is also seaside, which means watersports, fresh seafood, beach visits, and sailing are always an option and something to look forward to.

What Is Special About Darwin?

Aside from the obvious natural landscapes and city centre that Darwin is known for, this city is also quite special for its rich history. Darwin is known for deep roots in the Aboriginal community – particularly the Larrakia people. This community has cared for and had a strong connection with the land and its wildlife for thousands of years. When European settlers first came to the land, the Larrakia people welcomed them with open arms – offering both food and shelter to their new guests.

Regardless of the kindhearted treatment they received, the Europeans quickly forced the Larrakia people to the outskirts of their once home. From then, the people faced horrific treatment, loss of land, and their culture.

However, despite all of this, the Larraki people remained strong and faithful to the area. In the present day, the Larrakia community is celebrated, with many visitors to Darwin taking the time to learn more about their unique culture.

Aside from the rich Aboriginal history, the city of Darwin has faced a tragedy of its own. During World War II, the city was bombed by the Japanese in 1942. The attack was led by the same fleet that is responsible for the infamous Pearl Harbor bombing.

This catastrophic event led to the deaths of well over two hundred people, with hundreds more being brutally injured. Although devastating, the citizens rallied together and overcame this tragedy – restoring Darwin to the glory that is seen in the present day.

By Steve Evans from Citizen of the World – Australia: Aboriginal Culture 011Uploaded by berichard, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=14018980

What Is Darwin Popular For?

Darwin has become an increasingly common location for folks to visit. The has a lot to do with the close proximity to many national parks – making it an excellent starting point for anyone considering a camping or cottaging adventure. Darwin has also become a popular choice for folks who love water activities, as the beaches are phenomenal.

However, in recent years, Darwin has become known for its multiculturalism – particularly in terms of food and both the daytime and nighttime markets. This makes it so people can feel as though they are experiencing a microcosm of different countries, while still taking in all that Australia has to offer.

Why Do People Visit The Northern Territory?

Many people choose to visit the Northern Territory in Australia because they love the great outdoors. This area of Australia offers many options in terms of national parks to visit. This makes it so folks who adore camping, cottaging, hiking, and more, have plentiful options.

The otherworldly landscapes, rainforests, and wildlife in northern Australia are some of the most amazing in the world. This makes it so folks can take a break from the city life, and immerse themselves in the sheer beauty of the nature of Australia.

When Should I Visit Darwin?

While Darwin is an amazing city to visit at any time of the year, for those hoping to take part in all the outdoor activities that the area has to offer, the best time to visit is during the dry season. The dry season is known to occur between the months of May to October.

This is the most comfortable time of the year to visit, as there is less rain and humidity, less of a worry of cyclones or monsoons, and the temperatures are more tolerable. This is also the time of year when Darwin truly comes to life! Famous events like the sunset markets and the Darwin Festival happen at this time of the year – giving even more reason for folks to make the visit.

How Many Tourists Visit The Northern Territory Each Year?

Each year, the Northern Territory sees well over a million tourists come to visit. This includes both international guests, as well as Australian domestic visitors. In Darwin, it’s common for the city to see over half a million tourists come to stay, annually. This number is sure to continually increase as more folks visit and realize how fantastically different and gorgeous the Northern Territory truly is.


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