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Uluru, Alice Springs, And Kakadu Travel Guide

Australia is one of the countries with many tourist attractions to visit, and you will not run out of places to visit. However, there are a few must-see cities, including Uluru, Alice Springs, and Kakadu. Most tourists fear navigating these cities without stress, but is it difficult to find your way around them?

Alice Springs, also known as the capital of Australia’s “Red Center,” is a city worth visiting because it serves as a gateway to popular destinations such as Uluru and King Canyon. There is a one-way drive from Alice Springs to Uluru, where tourists can enjoy breathtaking views. The ancient city of Kakadu, famous for its national park, is also worth a visit.

In this article, we will discuss everything centred around travelling from Alice Springs to Uluru and then to Kakadu, as well as activities you can enjoy while exploring these cities. Visiting all these cities as a first-time tourist can be difficult and stressful, but with this comprehensive travel guide, your journey will be simple.

What Is The Best Month To Visit Uluru?

Uluru is a fantastic place to visit at any time of yearOpens in a new tab., but there is always a best time and month for any trip to get the best experience. May to September are the best months to visit Uluru, and any of the months between these are also great.

These months are suggested because the weather tends to be cool. During this time, the maximum temperature during the day is usually between 20 °C and 30 °C, this makes it safer and easier to move freely. 

During the months of May through September, the climate at Uluru is quite tolerable and favourable due to the cooler daytime temperatures. However, the temperature at night can be really cold, so you should bring warm clothing with you.

How Long Is The Drive From Alice Springs To Uluru?

The drive from Alice Springs to Uluru is 468 kilometres ( approximately a 5-hour drive). You should travel by car, campervan, or motorhome to get the full travel experience and see the beautiful places in between. This allows you to visit some of the tourist attractions between both cities.

Is Kings Canyon Closer To Uluru Or Alice Springs?

Kings Canyon is closer to Alice Springs than Uluru, being only 332 kilometres (206 miles) away. Just after visiting Alice Springs, the next stop to visit is either Uluru or Kings Canyon, but Kings Canyon is still closer to Alice Springs. There are numerous trails to follow and hike around as you take in the breathtaking views of Kings Canyon.

Fun Fact: Uluru is the world’s largest single rock, and like an iceberg, most of it lies beneath the ground.

Is Alice Springs Worth Seeing?

Alice Springs, also known as the capital of Australia’s “Red Center,” is definitely a city worth visiting in Australia, particularly because it serves as a gateway to popular destinations such as Uluru and King Canyon.

Notable attractions and activities in Alice Springs include the wandering Alice Springs Desert ParkOpens in a new tab., which spans over 3000 acres and houses different plant and animal species, and the reptile centre, where you can see all sorts of poisonous snakes for a token fee.

Hot air ballooning is another popular activity in Alice Springs, but only for those who have the courage to fly in the sky. Many companies in and around Alice Springs offer balloon rides. However, it does not come cheap; it is quite pricey.

Do I Need A Car To Get To Uluru?

Yes, you will need a car to get to Uluru, but if you cannot afford to go by car, you can take the shuttle bus.

Uluru’s well-planned layout allows for easy driving around and within the town. Uluru’s tourism has also been centralized to the point where it is possible to navigate every area of the territory using shuttle buses rather than a car.

Does Uluru Get Cold At Night?

Uluru can become very cold at night, causing the climate to become extremely harsh on some winter nights. During the months of June through August, the nighttime temperature at Uluru can fall to as low as 0°C.

On the other hand, the average temperature of the climate in January is approximately 37.5°C, while the average temperature in July can drop as low as 3.5°C.

Is Two Nights In Uluru Enough?

The challenge that frequently comes along with visiting a location such as Uluru is determining the appropriate number of nights to spend there in order to fully experience the city without missing out on any of the exciting activities that it has to offer tourists. Here is an itinerary to make your stay in Uluru worthwhile.

Uluru Itinerary, Day 1:

Uluru has good bitumen roads, so you should drive down to Uluru, especially if you’re coming from Alice Springs. As you pass by roadside attractions on your way to Uluru, you can get a feel for the city before you even arrive.

Watching The Sunset

Arriving at Uluru at night allows you to see the sunset at Uluru. Uluru has a spectacular sunset view that you don’t want to miss as a tourist; arrive early with your camping chairs to get a good spot for a better view.


After watching the sunset over the rock at Uluru, you can go for dinner at your hotel or resort; the Ayers Rock Resort is a good choice, although it is quite expensive. You should have a generous budget when lodging in Uluru, as it is generally pricey.

Uluru Itinerary, Day 2:

It is best to start your day early, so you don’t miss the sunrise. As a tourist, you don’t want to miss the sunrise at Uluru because it’s just as beautiful as the sunset at night. Head over to the Ayer rock early in the morning to secure a good viewing spot for the sunrise.

Morning Schedule

Mornings in Uluru can be chilly even in the summer, and they get colder during the winter, so come with your beanies and scarves to keep warm. Position your camera on a good tripod stand or your phone on a stand to get a clear picture of the Uluru sunrise.

After viewing the sunrise, the next stop is for breakfast; there are many restaurants along the viewing areas where you can stop for some nutritious food.

After breakfast, take the guided Ranger Walk. There are always free guided tours with the Park Rangers around 10:30 a.m. Make sure to be there at this time to take advantage of this service.

The Ranger WalkOpens in a new tab. is fun and engaging, as the guide points out notable locations and tells you about them.

Mid-Day Schedule

It will be midday by the time you leave the Ranger Walk. Stop for lunch at the cultural centre not far from the Ranger Walk.

The cultural centre not only serves food but also has some amazing galleries and indigenous art displays that you can easily view. Unfortunately, taking photographs is not permitted.

The Maruku Arts Center is located within the cultural centreOpens in a new tab. and features displays of cultural artworks and talented indigenous artists at work. You shouldn’t miss out on the modern artworks that are on display here.

After lunch, proceed to Kata Tjuta for an afternoon hike; hikers will want to spend more time here because it is a worthwhile experience.

In the winter, afternoon hiking at Kata Tjuta’s Valley of the Winds is safe because the temperature is moderate with a slight breeze, but in the summer, afternoon hiking might not be advisable due to the weather.

Hiking along the Valley of the Winds trails can be stressful because the beginning of the trail is very rocky. However, if you don’t enjoy hiking, you can take a walk around the Mutitjulu waterhole Walk at Uluru.

Night Schedule

After a day of hiking, you will be exhausted and need a cool bath in a pool, but make sure the water is not too cold. If swimming is not your thing, you can relax by the pool at your resort.

If you want to get a good spot to watch the sunset at Uluru, you should get there as early as possible. The day would not be complete without a view of the sun setting over Uluru. After watching the sunset, you can eat at any restaurant within your budget. Making reservations in advance is almost always the best option.

In just two nights, you can see the sunset and sunrise at Uluru, hike around Kata Tjuta, and stop by the cultural centre to see a raw display of art and culture.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Alice Springs?

The best time to go to Alice Springs is when the weather is warm and sunny, with moderate temperatures and less rain. When you go to Alice Springs during this time, you won’t have to worry about the weather being too cold or it raining a lot.

The weather in Alice Springs changes a lot, so it is different every month. But some months, like January through May and August through December, have great weather. The table below shows the temperature of Alice Springs throughout the year.

MonthsMinimum/Maximum Temperature 

Is Kakadu Worth Visiting?

The ancient city of Kakadu, Australia, is well worth a visit, especially given the vast area of national parks that it occupies. The Kakadu National Park is very big and goes from the interior of the south to the north. There is so much to see in the park that you might not be able to see it all in one day.

Kakadu is also a diverse land with many environments, including woodlands, flood plains, and coastal mangrove forests. The environment is also filled with abundant, diverse plant and animal (wildlife) species within the waterfalls, rivers, and on the varied land.

Where Should I Stop Between Darwin And Kakadu?

On your three-hour drive from Darwin to Kakadu, there are a lot of beautiful places you can stop at and engage in activities there if you have the time and money for it. The Fogg Dam, Adelaide River, Windows on the Wetlands, and Mary River National Park are all nice locations to stop.

Fogg Dam is a popular stop for most travellers driving from Darwin to Kakadu, where they can observe birdlife, there is so much to see! There are warning signs across the dam; ensure to adhere to those signs.

From the windows in the Wetlands, you can see a sweeping view of the Adelaide River floodplain and a lot of crocodiles. If you have a lot of time, make sure you visit the most famous spots in the park.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Food In Alice Springs And Uluru Expensive?

Yes, foods are generally expensive in Australia because most of their foods are imported. You should budget to spend a lot of money on food in Alice Springs and Uluru; the cheapest restaurant charges at least $50 AUD for a three-course meal.

2. How Much Does Accommodation Cost In Alice Springs And Uluru?

Hotel rooms in Alice Springs and Uluru are expensive. Expect to pay at least $100 to $150 AUD per night to stay in a hotel or motel in these areas. You can also rent a very cheap hostel, but there are only a few of them.

3. Are Rental Vehicles Available For Tourists?

Yes, vehicles can be rented or hired at Uluru. Some available car rental services include Avis, Thrifty, and Hertz. However, the cost of a rental car is high, so plan on spending around $159 per day.

Final Thoughts

As much as you want to visit Uluru, Alice Springs, and Kakadu, you must first understand the travel guide in order to navigate these cities easily. Follow the tips in the article above to make the most of your time in these cities and have a good time. Bon voyage!


We have travelled to many great places around Australia and hope to share our travel tips, hacks, and adventures with you. So come with us as we explore the great down under! Read more about us here

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