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Are There Kangaroos And Koalas In Tasmania?

To many people, Tasmania seems like a beautiful and mystical island off the coast of its mother country, Australia. Many folks are unaware of the rich Indigenous history, the diverse climate, the stunning natural landscapes, and the sweet animals that live there.

Tasmania is separated from southern Australia by the Bass Straight and although it is a distance of over 200 kilometres away, there are plentiful options for those wishing to travel between the two landmasses.

This could have allowed for both people and animals to travel the short distance between what is now Australia and Tasmania – making it so there are consistent species in both places. However, many folks are often curious about which animals they may have an opportunity to see when travelling to Tasmania, or which animals they should be on the lookout for.

For those folks who are hoping to spot a wild koala within Tasmania, unfortunately, this will not be possible. As many folks are aware, koalas are typically warm-climate loving animals, that dine on the many species of eucalyptus. You can however see them in a Zoo or wildlife centre.

Although Tasmania is home to species of eucalyptus, the climate itself is quite different from that of Australia. The colder season of Tasmania is certainly not ideal for koalas to survive.

Tasmania is relatively close to Australia, and many scientists assume that the two landmasses were once connected. There have even been fossilized proof that koalas once resided in TasmaniaOpens in a new tab. uncovered.

However, while there may have once been koalas living in Australia, they were not able to adapt to the position of the island once it was separated from the mainland of Australia.

In terms of kangaroos, fortunately for those who wish to see one, there are 5 species of kangaroo that inhabit the island. The Forester, Bennetts, Pademelon, Eastern Bettong, and Long Nosed Potoroo.

These amazing kangaroosOpens in a new tab. prefer to live in woodlands or grassy forests, which has greatly restricted them to certain parts of the island.

Most can be found living in the national parks and surrounding areas, in the midlands and the northeastern portions of the island. Even more fortunate, is that this species of kangaroo are known to enjoy the family lifestyle, so if one is seen, there is usually a larger group not far behind.

Where Can You See Koalas And Kangaroos?

As previously mentioned, there are no populations of wild koalas in Tasmania, with this being consistent in terms of those living within captivity. The colder climate of Tasmania has been proven to be too harsh for these marsupials.

Because of this, the communities within the island have respected this fact, and chosen not to try and bring koalas into specific zoos or animal reserves. Instead, those wishing to see koalas in the wild or in captivity should instead attempt to do so in Australia, where populations still exist.

On the other hand, folks can certainly attempt to see kangaroos in Tasmania. For the most part, these forest-loving marsupials can be found within the midland areas, or in the northeastern sections of Tasmania.

What Animals Can Be Found In Tasmania?

Despite the fact that koalas cannot be found in Tasmania, there is an abundance of other animals that folks can look forward to visiting. Some of the most common animals in Tasmania are wallabies, Tasmanian devils, wombats, and platypuses.

There are two common types of wallabies that inhabit Tasmania. Wallabies are known for being part of the kangaroo and marsupial family, however, these sweeties are much smaller than the average kangaroo. Unlike the kangaroo populations, wallabies are far more common in Tasmania – with their populations continuously growing over the past few decades.

Tasmanian devils are arguably the most well-known species of mammal that reside within Tasmania. These marsupials may be small in stature, but their attitude and behaviours surely make up for their size. These are considered to be the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world.

Despite preferring coastal lands or forests, populations of Tasmanian devils can be found throughout the island. These marsupials are very dangerous though, so it’s recommended that folks visit them in captivity, as opposed to searching for one in the wild.

Wombats are quite famous for their adorable appearance – with many tourists and locals alike attempting to get a selfie with these sweeties. Just like the Tasmanian devil, wombats can be found all across Tasmania, as they are quite versatile with the climates and natural landscapes they choose to live within.

The platypus is well-known for being one of the very few egg-laying mammals in the world. It’s also worth mentioning that these mammals are dangerous, as they are highly venomous. Because of this, much like the Tasmanian devil, it’s recommended to visit this species in captivity.

There are an abundant amount of locations around the island that enjoy caring for and teaching guests all about this truly interesting species of mammal.

What Is The Largest Predator In Tasmania?

Despite the Tasmanian devil being known as the largest carnivorous mammal, and very common throughout Tasmania, they are not the largest predator that the island has. The title of the largest predator in Tasmania is actually awarded to the deadly Tiger snake. These snakes are highly venomous and can grow to reach lengths of anywhere from 2-6ft.

To make matters worse, while these are generally considered to be ground-dwelling snakes, they have the ability to both swim and climb up trees. For any person who bumps into one of these snakes, as they are common, it’s recommended to evade the area immediately.


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