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How Do You Get To Jervis Bay Without A Car?

Jervis Bay is an incredibly famous oceanic bay and village that lies on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia. Many locals and travellers alike will attest to the fact that Jervis Bay possesses the whitest sand in the entire world. The total area is approximately 102 square kilometres, or 39 square miles – making this a small, but stunning place to visit.

A large portion (70 square kilometres or 27 square miles) of the land around the southern headland of Jervis Bay is a territory of the Commonwealth of Australia – known as the Jervis Bay TerritoryOpens in a new tab.. This area includes the settlements of Jervis Bay and Wreck Bay Villages, including the very popular destination, Booderee National Park.

In addition, The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) base – HMAS Creswell – is also situated in the Jervis Bay Territory, between Jervis Bay Village and Greenpatch Point.

All of this makes Jervis Bay an immensely popular tourist and traveller destination. However, many are often perplexed as to how they can make it to Jervis Bay for a visit, without having a vehicle – especially considering it is approximately a three-hour drive from Sydney.

The easiest way to get to Jervis Bay without a car is by using the Jervis Bay Airport Express, Public Transportation, Train or hopping on a tour with one of the local guides. Each of these are very good options, public transport is the cheapest option and tours are best for adventurers.

The best option to travel to Jervis Bay, especially from a centralized and popular location like Sydney, is to go by vehicle. However, for international travellers or anyone coming from abroad, this is not always a viable option. In this case, there are many options to rent a vehicle, even one that comes with an accompanying tour guide or driver, but this can be a costly excursion.

The Jervis Bay Airport ExpressOpens in a new tab.: travellers can certainly take advantage of this phenomenal shuttle service, that will bring you to and from the South Coast upon request. There are daily services to Jervis Bay, coupled with fantastic options for the company’s private charter and wine tours. This will allow guests to take part in all the region has to offer, bringing a very well-rounded and exciting experience.

Public Transportation: another great option for travellers is to consider taking a public transportation service, as this is an accessible and easy way to get to Jervis Bay. Trains are readily available from Sydney that can bring travellers in a timely manner to Nowra and other close-by South Coast destinations. you can catch the train from Sydney to Nowra, then Nowra to Jervis Bay using the Nowra CoachesOpens in a new tab..

A train trip will generally take approximately three and a half hours, costing travellers anywhere from $17 to $23. From Nowra, travellers can easily transfer onto one of the many Nowra Coach options, taking a bus directly into the Jervis Bay area. Similarly, travellers coming from Canberra may also seek busing options, that can lead to Wollongong and into Jervis Bay.

Is There Public Transport To Jervis Bay?

As previously mentioned, yes, there are plenty of options for those seeking out public transportation to Jervis Bay. This includes regularly scheduled trains, buses, and shuttle services. With any train or bus trip, travellers will also have to take a taxi from the last station, into Jervis Bay Village. Folks also have the ability to rent a vehicle, if they so choose – which will make stops along the way much easier to take and accessible.

Although Jervis Bay does have its own airport, most travellers do prefer to fly into Sydney and rent a car to drive to Jervis Bay. As Jervis bay is mostly known for its beaches there are only two small villages within the Jervis Bay Territory. Generally speaking, you only need a day to visit Jervis Bay and it’s a cheaper option to driving.

Where Is The Stop Between Jervis Bay And Sydney?

If travellers are taking one of the public transportation options like a bus or train to Jervis Bay, then there are certain trips that will stop along the way. A lot of the time, this is for transfer purposes, but some guided tours do allow time to explore in between transfers.

For those taking a train, there will be a stop at Bomaderry Station, just north of Nowra. This is where travellers will have to transfer onto a bus or choose the taxi option to continue towards Jervis Bay.

One of the most popular stops along the way is KiamaOpens in a new tab.. Kiama is known as being one of the most popular New South Wales coastal destinations. This is not only for the immaculate beaches but also for the incredibly famous Kiama Blowhole.

The Kiama Blowhole is regarded as being the largest in the world. Truly a geological wonder, the 2.5-meter opening in the rock face has been known to have plumes of water that can reach heights of 30 meters – making this a very popular tourist destination.

Kiama Blowhole

At the same time, a short drive south of Kiama will bring travellers to the historical town of Berry, New South Wales. This quaint town is known for providing guests with horse carriage rides, sweet cafes, and other farming attractions.

For folks who choose to rent a car or shuttle service, there are an abundant amount of excellent stops one could choose to make along the way. One of the best choices would be Botany Bay and the Royal National Park, which was made famous by being the first location where Captain Cook landed in Australia.

Another phenomenal stop, especially for those travelling with animal lovers or children, is Symbio Wildlife Park. This lovely wildlife park is an excellent way to view some animals that are native to Australia – particularly kangaroos and koalas.

Lastly, Wollongong is another coastal city that makes a great choice for a stop along this route. Wollongong is fantastic for those wishing to try their hand at Australian surfing or those wishing to visit the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere (Nam Tien Temple).

Where Do You Stop On Jervis Bay?

As mentioned, those who take the train to Jervis Bay will have to stop at Bomaderry Station, and grab a bus transfer to continue on their journey to Jervis Bay. Those travellers who opt to take the bus directly from Sydney, will not have to make this stop and will continue to Elizabeth Dr. at Jervis St.

This is often the furthest location where buses will be taking passengers. From here, travellers are encouraged to take a short 15-minute taxi ride into Jervis Bay Village, Booderee National Park, or any other location of their choosing.


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