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How Late Do Trains Run In Perth?

In Perth, trains have real-time information you can access on the Internet. TransperthOpens in a new tab. has service updates and planned disruptions to allow you to plan your journey around the city. If you are planning to use the trains, buses and ferries in Perth, use the Transperth App to get the most recent information and live updates on train services. When you are planning for a late night out, be sure to find alternative routes in case you miss the last train.

The last train will depart from Perth City on weekdays at 11:45 pm. On Friday nights and weekends, the trains will stop around 2 am. Transperth has trains running later during special events like New Year’s Eve for revellers. For New Year’s Eve trains depart every 15 minutes until 3 am.

The train arrives every 15 minutes during the day and will reduce to 30-minute intervals after peak time at 7.30 pm. While they rarely run late, they might leave a minute early before the scheduled departure time from the main terminal. Sometimes, the trains will arrive earlier or later at the station, so it is better to arrive early at the station, especially if it is the late train for the day.

Are Perth Trains Free After Midnight?

Perth Trains are not currently not free after midnight, but they will not cost more than AUD$5 per person. The midnight trains still run on Friday and Saturday, but they are no longer free. It was free in 2015, but the government imposed a fee to improve safety for passengers. The fee will be used to increase police presence and outreach services.

The fees for Perth Trains are capped at 2 zone fare, no matter the distance of travel. When you are planning your late-night rendezvous, be sure to check out the timetableOpens in a new tab. and arrive early. It is still cheaper to travel via train than to take a taxi or a shared ride.

What Time Does The Last Train Run From Perth To Mandurah?

The last train running from Perth City to Mandurah is at 11:45 pm, and you will arrive at Mandurah at 12:36 am. You catch the train from Perth Underground Station’s Platform 2, and it will arrive at Mandurah Station. The journey takes 51 minutes approximately.

If you want to go to Mandurah, the train starts at Perth Underground Station, stopping at Elizabeth Quay, Canning Bridge, Bull Creek, Murdoch, Cockburn, Aubin Grove, Kwinana, Wellard, Rockingham, and Warnbro. From Mandurah, the last train departs for Perth at 11:19 pm, via Cockburn Central Station.

What Time Does The Last Train Leave from Fremantle?

The last train leaving from Fremantle is at 11:55 pm on a weekday. On Friday and Saturdays, the train departs every 30 minutes until 2:50 am.

Departing from Fremantle, the train will stop at North Fremantle, Victoria Street, Mosman Park, Cottlesloe, Grant Street, Swanbourne, Claremont, Loch Street, Karrakatta, Shenton Park, Subiaco, West Leederville, City West, before terminating at Perth at 12:25 am next day. From Perth city, the last train heading to Perth is 11:30 pm, and they stop at the same places but in reverse order.

What Time Is The Last Train To Joondalup?

The last train from Perth City to Joondalup departs at 11:30 pm, but it is not the last stop of the line. After Joondalup, the train continues to Currambine, Clarkson and Butler. The train departs from Elizabeth Quay and stops at Perth Underground before heading to Leederville, Glendalough, Stirling, Warwick, Greenwood, Whitfords, and Edgewater.

To get to Joondalup, you have to catch the All Stop train or the K Stopping Train. If you take the W Stopping Pattern, you will not arrive as the train terminates at Whitfords, which is 2 stops before. The last train you can catch from Joondalup to return to Perth is at 12 am.

Do Police Officers Get Free Train Travel?

Police officers and their dependants can travel for free to Perth or approved places when they are not working. Police officers can board any public transport for free during work to maintain peace and keep passengers safe. Members of the Australian Defence Force will be reimbursed if they paid for public transport when they are on duty.

Aside from Western Australia Police, Transit Officers also get free train rides, and bus and ferry travel as a perk. They travel for free when they are maintaining order in public transport and when they are off duty. Officers have travel passes they can use to access free travel. However, officers from interstate do not have the same allowances and must pay for travel.

Is Perth Public Transport Free?

The public transport for Perth is not free, but you may be entitled to travel for free under some circumstances. Children under 4 and seniors with a SmartRider card may travel for free. If you are a pensioner or a veteran with a SmartRider card, travel is free. Companion card holders travelling with a disability or vision impaired travellers are also part of the concession group.

There are free transit zones in Perth city, but you need to have a SmartRider cardOpens in a new tab.. The condition of free travel is you must start and travel within the zone. If you are not clear on the boundaries, look for the Free Transit Zone Logo at bus stops. You must remember to tag and off so the SmartRider card registers where you are. If you forget to tag off, you may be charged a default fare. Check out the Free Transit Zone map hereOpens in a new tab..

The Central Area Transit (CAT) buses are also free for all, and you do not need to own a SmartRider card. The CAT buses are mainly in major cities: Perth, Fremantle and Joondalup. There are 5 different colour-coded routes in Perth, one in Fremantle, and 3 in Joondalup. CAT buses do not operate on Good Friday, Christmas day for Fremantle. Joondalup’s buses do not operate on weekends and public holidays. Perth buses operate every day except Good Friday, Anzac Day and Christmas Day.


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