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Is Sydney Zoo Better Than Taronga Zoo?

For those animal lovers that enjoy nothing more than the experience of walking through a well-kept zoo, there is arguably no better place to visit than Sydney, Australia. This is because not only is the beautiful city home to one fantastic zoo – it’s home to two!

The city of Sydney plays host to both the Sydney Zoo, as well as the Taronga Zoo. Both of these immaculately kept and maintained locations have become abundantly popular tourist destinations – for both domestic Australians and international travellers alike.

Fortunately enough, for those who are hoping to visit both zoos, they are within close proximity of one another. In fact, these two zoos are both within the Sydney area, only being located approximately 50 kilometres apart. This makes it so folks are looking at approximately a 40 minutes drive, as this area is very central, to travel between the two zoos.

In terms of the opening dates of these two immaculate zoos, the Sydney Zoo is relatively new. The Sydney Zoo first opened to the public on December 7th, 2019. Since, it has become a shining star of the city, somewhere that folks of all ages love to visit. On the other hand, the Taronga Zoo has been around much longer. The Taronga Zoo first opened its doors to the public on October 7th, 1916, making it a longstanding tradition in the Sydney area.

Despite the Sydney Zoo being newer, this does not mean that it is necessarily the better option of these two zoos. The Sydney Zoo is smaller, with most guests confirming the fact that one can see the entirety of the zoo within one and a half to two hours.

There are still hundreds of species for guests to view, regardless of the smaller size. The zoo is compact and very easily accessible, making it a suitable choice for a fun afternoon. , which also makes this zoo quite nice for those who are looking for a shorter excursion, or those travelling with small children.

The Taranga Zoo is a much larger zoo, sprawling throughout a 70-acre area and being a very traditional-style outdoor zoo. The Taronga is one of the largest zoos in Australia, housing over four thousand animals, reptiles, fish, and more. This makes the Taronga Zoo the more applicable and appropriate choice for those wishing to have this be an entire daylong excursion.

It is also worth mentioning that the Taronga Zoo is not only a simple zoo, it is also a scenic experience. Not only will one be able to immerse themselves in the animal kingdom, but may also choose to take part in the enjoyment of a ferry or cable car ride. The ferry will lead guests through the famous Harbor area – which allows riders to enjoy the phenomenal views that Sydney has to offer.

Therefore, depending on the time one is wishing to spend embarking on an excursion, the number of animals one is wishing to see, and the overall scenic experience one is wishing to have, the choice between the Sydney Zoo or the Taronga Zoo may differ.

Is The Sydney Zoo and The Taronga Zoo The Same?

The Sydney Zoo and the Taronga Zoo are not the same, despite being located within relatively close proximity of one another. These are two separate locations, providing their own forms of entertainment and excitement for guests of all ages.

These two locations were opened over 100 years apart, which creates a huge difference in the overall atmosphere of the parks themselves. It’s recommended that folks travelling about or visiting the Sydney area should consider visiting both of these zoo locations, as they are an excellent way to view the different parts of the city while enjoying some amazing Australian and International species.

Can You Go To The Taronga Zoo In The Rain?

While visiting an outdoor zoo in the rain may not be the most appealing experience to some, the Taronga Zoo is known for still being a fun-filled day, regardless of the wetter conditions. Rain or shine, the ferry and cable car are still operational to help park guests travel to their destination.

While, yes, some of the animals choose to shelter themselves from the wet conditions, many visitors will attest to the fact that this is not consistent with every species. Particularly, many folks mention that large mammals, like giraffes, are still out and about for guests to view!

It is worth noting that in severe weather conditions, some parts of the zoo may be restricted or closed off for safety reasons, so it isn’t recommended that guests choose to come in on days consumed with thunderstorms, etc.

Can You Take Your Own Food Into The Taronga Zoo?

Guests are more than welcome to bring their own food and drinks to the Taronga Zoo. In fact, the zoo hosts plentiful areas for people to sprawl out on a blanket and enjoy a lovely afternoon picnic. As this zoo is quite large and the days may be warm, it’s highly recommended that guests bring lots of water!

Guests are not permitted to eat food within range of any animals, and clearly are also not allowed to feed animals anything. The Taronga Zoo also has multiple restaurants and cafes for guests to enjoy, which offer a wide array of snacks, meals, coffee, and more for guests to choose from – priding themselves on having something for everyone!

Can You Hire Strollers At The Taronga Zoo?

The Taronga Zoo prides itself on being very accessible and both stroller and wheelchair friendly! Folks who are in need of either a wheelchair or a stroller for young children are more than welcome to hire one upon arriving at the park.

Guests are able to hire these wheelchairs and strollers when arriving at the Top Shop retail store. The cost to hire a stroller for the day is $15 AUD and is recommended as the park is considerably steep – making it quite the trek for young children.

Taronga Zoo Location, Address And Contact Info

  • Located at: Bradleys Head Rd, Mosman NSW 2088
  • Phone: (02)9969 2777
  • Website: in a new tab.

Sydney Zoo Location, Address And Contact Info

  • Located at: 700 Great Western Highway, Bungarribee NSW 2767
  • Phone: (02)7202 2560
  • Website: sydneyzoo.comOpens in a new tab.


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