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Which Is Better Hobart Or Launceston?

A vacation to Tasmania is the perfect way to let off some steam and relax during your holidays. However, the biggest dilemma is which of the cities should you visit first; from Hobart and Devonport to Queenstown and George Town, each city has its own distinct attractions that make it worth visiting. Out of all of these, Hobart and Launceston are the most famous tourist destinations. 

Hobart offers more opportunities than Launceston, making it a better city travelling and living. Widely available public transportation, cooler weather during the summer, an international airport, better accommodations, and beautiful beaches are just some of the advantages Hobart has over Launceston. 

Deciding between visiting one of two equally beautiful and pleasant cities can be difficult. While both cities are lovely to travel to, we’ve compiled a detailed comparison that will align your thoughts and help you make an informed decision. As we said, it is all about your liking in the end!

Hobart Vs Launceston

Whether it’s the weather or the accessibility of transportation, there are numerous factors that you need to consider when deciding where to visit. Here’s a list of comparisons to help you decide between Hobart and Launceston.


Being near River Derwent, HobartOpens in a new tab. experiences cool winds and a mild temperature. The temperature ranges between 20 and 30 degrees celsius, which is considerably pleasant. The summers are cool and mild due to the proximity to the river.

Launceston, as you will see, will be chillier than Hobart. It rests in a valley, and therefore the winters especially are cold, with a lot of frost and fog. The valley closure around the city accounts for the low temperatures (20-30 degrees celsius, similar to Hobart) in summers.

Stay And Accommodations

Since it is the capital city of Tasmania, there are a lot of hotels, motels, and stay options to choose from in Hobart. You can also find cheap, shared dormitories, which are ideal to stay in if you are on a budget and are alone. 

If you are travelling on a budget with your family, you should consider going to Launceston as it has much cheaper accommodation. The hotels’ quality, safety, and hygiene are commendable even with their lower prices. 


Of course, food is everyone’s guilty pleasure. You can’t just go to a random city where you don’t even like the food and expect to enjoy the experience. The good food on your trip holds the power to make or break the entire experience of your trip.

Both Launceston and Hobart are located near farms that produce fresh and organic foods for your consumption. Therefore, you get a food experience of a lifetime in both cities.


Being the capital of Tasmania, Hobart has an airport that allows international and domestic flights. Therefore, you can easily book a direct flight to Hobart city. Furthermore, there are taxis and shuttle services which you can use to get to your hotel. 

Launceston, unfortunately, does not cater to international flights. It only allows flights from Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and other big cities of Australia, so it only has domestic flights. To reach Launceston, you will have to first take a flight to either of the major cities and then get on a flight to Launceston. 

Even though some people don’t mind going through the extra hassle of multiple destinations, it can be a dealbreaker for others.

Accessibility Of Public Transportation

Transportation in Hobart is much more convenient than in Launceston. Hobart’s Metro bus system is excellent for travelling to all parts of the city. For your ease, there is also a biking trail that runs through the city. You can even use Redline Buses to get to the airport easily! Taxis are also widely available and economical.

The public transport system of Launceston is not as developed as Hobart. However, there are transport services such as the Tiger bus service, which provides free trips to visitors!


Beaches are a must when you’re visiting Australia during the Summers! Hobart has beautiful beaches that you can easily access, as the city is located on the banks of the Derwent River. Short Beach, in Hobart, is only a 25-minute walking distance from the main city. 

Unfortunately, Launceston’s beaches aren’t as convenient to visit. Due to its location, even visiting its nearest beach, Greens Beach, will require at least 50 minutes. This doesn’t mean though that the beaches aren’t a sight to behold; if you have the means and time to travel to one of them, then go ahead! 

Travel Between Hobart And Launceston

if you want to learn more about Tasmania, you should visit both Hobart and Launceston instead of choosing one. The path between Hobart and Launceston is one of the most famous routes in Australia because of the stunning sceneries and unique attractions you’ll encounter along the way.

Luckily, if you drive between Hobart and Launceston on your own, it will only take you 2.5 hours! You can also book tours that will take you between these cities in 4-5 days while showing you around. 


What Places Should I Visit In Hobart?

A few places worth visiting in Hobart are Mount Nelson, Bruny Island, Port Arthur, and the Museum of Old and New Art.

What Places Should I Visit In Launceston?

Mount Wellington, Mount Cradle, Tamar Valley, and Freycinet National Park & Wineglass Bay, are some of the many places you can visit while you are in Launceston.

Which City Is Closer To The Beach?

If you want to be in a city closer to the beach, you should go to Hobart. The beach is only a 25-minute walk from Hobart, whereas in Launceston the closest beach is a 50-minute drive away.

Final Thoughts

All in all, both Hobart and Launceston are amazing cities to visit on your vacation. No doubt, Hobart does seem attractive being the capital of Tasmania and having a beach close to it, however, , Launceston gives a tough competition when it comes to tourist-friendly areas. 


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