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How Much Money Do I Need For A Week In Melbourne?

Melbourne has a variety of activities to do depending on your personal preferences, whether you’re into Museums and exhibitions or checking out the Melbourne Zoo and Skydeck. You can do the simple touristy activities or go on a foodie tour in Melbourne and try out the many delights.

When visiting Melbourne you should factor in whether you are going to visit as a group, as a family, or solo trip. This can highly affect how much you would need in your budget when visiting this skyscraper city.

For a solo traveller, your budget to spend for a week in Melbourne should be AUD$200 a day or $1000 a week. For a family of four, $450 a day or $3000 a week on average. For a group, you should refer to the budget as a solo traveller being $1000 for a week.

The estimation includes transport, food and entry fees to some of the places in Melbourne. The cost is a guide, as you can easily reduce this amount lower by careful planning. You can also spend as much as you are comfortable for an enjoyable stay in Melbourne.

Entry fees to most activities for a single adult average from AUD$15 to AUD $50, while a family of 4 usually has a family discount. With access to parking and free trams around Melbourne city, you can plan a day trip to Melbourne city, and rent a car to explore the suburbs or parks around the city after.

Some places you may want to visit while in Melbourne are:

  • Melbourne Museum
  • Illuminate: How Science Comes to Light Exhibition Price: Free – $15 (depending on ticket type)
  • Immigration museum is $15
  • Melbourne Zoo prices and tickets: Adult $42 entry fee or $10.50 per month for a membership pass; Child (4-15 years) free on weekends and holidays and $21 entry fee on weekdays; Child (0-3 years) is free entry. Concession holders’ entry fee is $31.50, and Seniors’ are $38 entry fee.
  • Skydeck is From $28 for adults, $18 for children, and $26 for concessions.

It is always a smart idea to factor in a little bit of extra money in case of emergency situations, generally, this would be an extra $500 for a week in Melbourne.

How Much Do You Need To Live On In A Week In Melbourne?

Depending on your accommodation, you may need AUD$3000 a week, inclusive of accommodation in Melbourne City. The average cost of hotels is AUD$250 per day, focus on places that include free breakfast and laundry (washing machine and dryer). For a family, having laundry facilities cut down additional expenditures. The breakfast inclusive will save you time and money to look for meals during the day.

If you are planning to hire a car, look for places that offer free parking for the duration of your stay. While it is best to take public transport in the city, you can use a car to get around to places such as Melbourne or Werribee Zoo. When you hire a car, there is the cost of fuel, insurance and car park fees to consider. Most car hire companies offer specials during off-peak season. You can visit places around Melbourne such as a National Park or go for a drive down Great Ocean Road.

Consider looking for weekday meal deals around Melbourne City using apps like EatClub, where restaurants offer deals during the week for a good quality meal. Other ways to reduce expenditure include looking at group buying websites, such as Groupon. You can find discounts on meals and activities, so it

How Much Money Do You Need To Go To Melbourne?

For a day out in Melbourne, you may spend up to $200 a day on meals and transport. There are many things to do, but some will incur a fee to visit. For example, the entry fee into the Melbourne Museum is $15 per adult, and children below 16 years old are free.

You do not have to pay to enter the National Gallery of VictoriaOpens in a new tab., only the special exhibitions inside. The national gallery is the oldest public art gallery in Australia, and it features over seventy thousand artworks. Be sure to visit The Great Hall to see the building’s stained-glass ceiling.

Meals can range from AUD$13 for fast food or a food court to a few hundred dollars in a fine dining restaurant. The average cost of a meal per adult is around $30, while a family will go upwards to $150. How much money you need depends on what experience you want to have while in Melbourne.

However, you can lower meal costs with some planning. There are freshly prepared meals in supermarkets such as Coles, Woolworths and Foodland. You can buy ingredients to make a sandwich during the day, so you can splurge on nicer meals at night.

How Much Is A Holiday To Melbourne?

A week’s holiday in Melbourne would cost about $1000 a week for a mid-range budget before a shopping trip. Melbourne is easy to get around using public transport. You can take advantage of free trams and buses that go around the city’s attractions. Most public attractions such as Queen Victoria Market, Museum and the Art Gallery will be part of the free route.

You can pick up a myki PassOpens in a new tab. at myki machines in selected stations and 7-Eleven convenience stores. There is a 7-day pass if you intend to stay in Melbourne City for a week. The pass costs AUD$46 to cover both Zone 1 and Zone 2, so you can travel in both the central and the stops around Melbourne. There is also a Daily Fare option of AUD$9.20 per day for adults, where you pay the maximum amount for unlimited travel in a day. Children’s fares are half the price of the adults.

Melbourne has many shopping centres and boutique stores. For fashion lovers, there is the Chadstone Shopping Centre which houses luxury brands. The Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) South Wharf is the place to go for heavily discounted items for fashion, homewares and beauty. While it is tempting to buy, be sure to keep your luggage weight and budget limits.

Is Melbourne Expensive?

Mercer’s 2021 Cost of Living Survey lists Melbourne as 67th place in the world in terms of the most expensive cities. Hence, Melbourne is not an expensive city in comparison with other cities, as there are some unavoidable costs. You can have an enjoyable holiday within a reasonable budget if you plan. Plane tickets during school term are cheaper mid-week, and hotels offer a deal when there are no big events happening.

If your plan is to stick around Melbourne Central and not drive, public transport is a good way to get around. Use the free bus and trams as much as you can and only buy the day trip fare if you are planning to venture further. Meals may be the 2nd biggest expenditure on your holiday, but Melbourne is a city that offers cuisine from all other the world. You can savour authentic Italian cuisine on Lygon Street, and enjoy an afghan meal in a traditional tent room at Afghan Gallery RestaurantOpens in a new tab. in Fitzroy.

There are also many places you can visit for free, such as the Shrine of Remembrance and the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria nearby. Melbourne offers a mix of historical locations and modern attractions that satisfy everyone’s needs during a holiday. The memories you make while in Melbourne will be priceless, so make every day of your holiday count.


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