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What Is Grazeland Melbourne?

Grazeland opened in 2021 after careful planning. As an open-air food place, Grazeland has two stages and a big screen to host live entertainment while you chow down on food. The outdoor food place is 10,000 square metres big, and deciding what you want to eat will be a challenge as you stroll down shops after shops of food.

Grazeland Melbourne is a food lover’s haven, where there are 50 vendors offering different cuisines in one location. It is a one-stop shop if you are a visitor missing certain foods from home. From loukoumades to Southern Fried Chicken, this should be a place you should visit to try popular food from all over the world.

Aside from food, you can also find artisans selling their handmade wares on site. You can stay in GrazelandOpens in a new tab. for hours, strolling near the Yarra River, and looking at the unique products on sale. There is plenty of undercover and outdoor seating, so you can enjoy the view and the food at any time. The stalls are placed undercover, so you will not get wet lining up for food when it is raining.

Where Is Grazeland In Melbourne?

Grazeland is on 20 Booker Street in Spotwood. It is located in Melbourn’s Inner West, next to the river. Your best landmark is the Scienceworks building next door. Other attractions you can visit while you are there include the Pumping Station, a museum building part of Scienceworks, and used to be a part of the Sewerage Scheme in 1890. You stop at the Spotswood train station via the Werribee/ Williamstown train line. It will take around 30 minutes from the Flinders Street Station in Melbourne CBD.

There is parking on the street if you have a car. Look out for parking fees if you are parked at the Scienceworks next door, while the Grazeland parking is free. However, if the car park is full, it might be worth paying the small fee to park next door.

You can take a ferryOpens in a new tab. from Southbank to Grazeland via Williamstown Ferry service, it costs AUD$22 one way or $32 return for adults, and half price for children 4 to 14 years old. The ferry departs from Southbank Landing in Melbourne City. The ferry has an easy access ferry for wheelchairs and prams during certain runs.

If you are at Westgate Landing across the river, you can take the Westgate Punt to arrive at the Spotswood Jetty. The tickets are AUD$5 on weekends and AUD$2.70 on weekdays. This ferry service also carries bicycles on board, and it goes around Port Melbourne. You can explore Port Melbourne during the day, and arrive at Grazeland when it opens at 5 pm.

For cyclists, you can arrive at Grazeland through the Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail. The trail is 23km long and you will have a healthy appetite to try all the foods there when the stalls open. You can also come from Docklands and the city via the trail.

How Long Is Grazeland Melbourne Open For?

Grazeland Melbourne is a permanent fixture for food and entertainment in Spotswood. It opens at 5 pm on Fridays, and at 12pm on weekends. The stalls and live shows end at 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and at 9 pm on Sundays.

The open plan makes it a good place to have a good snack or a catch-up with friends because you have food and entertainment in one place. While it is closed on Christmas Day, it may operate during other public holidays.

If you are in Melbourne and you want to visit during a holiday, be sure to double-check their operating times on their social media. Because Grazeland has stalls that serve alcohol, people under 18 years old age need to be with an adult. The park will be closed during extreme weather events, and they will also post the news on their social media page.

During the weekend, you can spend most of your time inside Grazeland. At 10,000 square meters, it is big and full of food options. It can be a degustation day for you and your family or a day of finding gems from local artisans. This is a one-stop shop for souvenir shopping and learning if you like different cuisines.

Do you Have To Book For Grazeland?

You do not have to book for Grazeland. There is an entry fee of AUD$4 per person, children under 12 and companions accompanying a disabled person can enter for free. You pay the entry fee at the gate. The location has 5 areas to cater to events for up to 200 people. These areas are available on other days, and you may need to book. There is a minimum spend required if you intend to book part or all of the venue for special events on other days.

While you do not have to book, it gets busy during peak times. Sometimes the team will decorate the precinct to suit the season, making it more attractive to visitors. Take photos as you wait for your food, or enjoy the music from the band playing nearby at one of the two stages on site. If you do not like waiting in line, be sure to time your visit after busy times.

Is Grazeland Dog Friendly?

Grazeland is a pet-friendly venue, but there are conditions. While assistance animals are always welcome, pets must be kept on a short leash and be people-friendly. You may have to carry your pet or dog if you need to go into a congested area.

There will be pet-free areas to accommodate people who are not comfortable around dogs or other animals. However, the vendors do not offer pet food in the location and you may have to bring your own treat and water for your furry friend.

The vendors require the pet to be people-friendly, as there will be a lot of people milling about. If your pet does not play well with people or other dogs, it may be best to leave it at home or with someone else. Otherwise, your pet can also enjoy Grazeland’s offerings if it may sample the delicious morsels prepared.

Is Grazeland Kid Friendly?

Grazeland is a family-friendly location for children and adults to enjoy their meals along the Yarra River. After a day’s excitement in Scienceworks, children will have worked up an appetite.

Grazeland is a perfect place to experience new foods that you may otherwise not eat at home. There are 2 baby changing rooms in Grazeland, as well as pet-free zones for children who are not yet familiar with animals.

Since this is a large area, remember to keep your children close by. Either set a meeting spot or write your phone number on a child’s wristband in case you get separated. If a child goes missing, there are security personnel around the site for you to ask for help.

How Much Is The Food At Grazeland?

The average cost ranges from $9 to AUD$15 for standard meals. You can find premium food such as lobster rolls from Claw & Tail at $20. You will be able to find something that suits your budget and needs. Sharing the dishes is a way to go to enjoy all the cuisine available here. With 50 vendors, deciding which stall to try first may be a hard decision. There are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food options to cater for fussy eaters.

Desserts are 5 for $12 for doughnuts or a decadent ice cream waffle at AUD$15 and above. Drinks cost AUD$8 for specialty options like BBL’s bubble tea or mocktails from Juicello. Cocktails cost AUD$12 and up, while beer on tap is around AUD$8 per schooner. While you may be able to find something similar elsewhere, Grazeland offers the convenience and ambience other places cannot replicate.

While you are not allowed to bring in your own food, alcohol and soft drinks into Grazeland; you can bring your own bottle of water, but it must not be in a single-use bottle. The security may request that you pour it into a cup before disposing of the bottle.

Does Grazeland Take Cards Or Is It Cash Only?

All vendors in Grazeland have credit card machines that accept Mastercard and Visa. Although some may not accept American Express or Diner’s Card. If you need cash, the venue has ATM machines at both entrances. While it is easier to keep track of spending using cash, it is easier to go contactless with the tap-and-go function on most terminals.

Grazeland is a food precinct that offers a wide selection of food at a reasonable price. Given the entry fee, it may be a once-off for most travellers. It is a good place to try out different foods that you will not usually eat when you are in Melbourne. You can also enjoy the view of the Yarra River or the live entertainment with your meal. Even with the AUD$4 entry fee, it is an experience that is hard to replicate elsewhere.


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