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Can You Drink On The Beach In Melbourne?

Melbourne is regarded as being the cultural capital of the country – showcasing an abundance of ethnic diversity. Because of this, the food, art, and music scenes are ever-growing and only add to the beauty of the city. Melbourne is also known for hosting many international festivals throughout the year, giving folks every bit of reason to plan their trip at the perfect time to witness one.

If you’d like to move your gathering or party down to the beach and bring some beverages along there are some guidelines that need to be known and followed. After all the beach is a great place to get together with friends and have a yarn over a few drinks.

Melbourne has a year-round ban on consuming alcohol on the beach, you can’t drink alcohol between the hours of 8 pm to 12 midday. This rule also applies to open carry in public parks and spaces. St Kilda is off limits for drinking entirely from November 1st to March 31st.

There are exceptions on certain beaches and when specific alcohol bansOpens in a new tab. are in effect, however, this information is often publicly posted. It’s very important to keep in mind that while consuming alcohol in some areas of Melbourne, Victoria is legal, it is certainly not legal to be publicly intoxicated. Anyone who is caught being publicly intoxicated can be arrested by authorities or removed from the beach area.

Folks who wish to have a few drinks on the beach are permitted to bring their own from home, however, it cannot be alcohol in a glass bottle. At the same time, there are certain beaches, especially in the summer months, that will have alcohol vendors available to those of legal drinking age.

A reason to visit Melbourne is that it’s the sporting capital of Australia. The sports lifestyle is embedded in the Melbourne citizens, so much so, that there are even public holidays that have been designated for events like the AFL Grand Final and the Melbourne Cup. These events take place all year long and for a large variety of different sports.

Due to the wide variety of activities to take part in, places to see, and more, thousands of folks travel to Melbourne every year. At the same time, with Melbourne being such an enticing place to visit, some people have some questions about the particulars of aspects of their planned visit.

Can You Drink In Public/Outside in Melbourne?

There are certain areas in Melbourne, where one may sit outside or in a public setting and consume alcohol. The responsible consumption of your personal alcohol brought from home is permitted in the city’s public parks and gardens – as long as it is done so in groups of fifty individuals or less.

There are certain restrictions based on events and holidays in some public spaces. However, in terms of the central business district of Melbourne, the consumption of alcohol is banned. This particular ban is in effect 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year – with absolutely no exceptions.

Can We Drink Tap Water In Melbourne?

Locals and tourists alike can feel very safe while consuming Melbourne’s tap water. In fact, Melbourne’s tap water is considered to be some of the best in the world. The quality of the water has routinely been placed at the top of the International Water Tasting CompetitionOpens in a new tab.. This means that people can rest assured that they are drinking clean and high-quality tap water.

Is Alcohol Allowed On The Beaches In Victoria?

There are certain beaches in the Australian state of Victoria where drinking alcohol is permitted. However, this does not include public intoxication, which is still considered illegal. There are some beaches that are alcohol-free, but this is general information that is publicly posted – often with applicable fine amounts attached. Most beaches allow folks to bring their own booze from home and some will even have vendors available to the public.

Can You Drink In Public Parks In Melbourne?

Folks are able to bring their own booze and responsibly consume it in a public park in Melbourne. This can be done in groups of people that do not exceed fifty, and as long as everyone is of legal drinking age.

Similarly, to the acceptable beaches in the area, this does not include public intoxication. Anyone caught being publicly intoxicated can find themselves receiving a fine or being arrested by the police.

How Much Is The Fine For Drinking In Public In Victoria?

In the state of Victoria, Australia, if one is intoxicated in a public space there are certain offences that you can be arrested and subsequently charged with. These offences are: being drunk in a public space, being drunk and disorderly in a public space, or being drunk and behaving in a riotous and disorderly manner – with each carrying their own fine amounts.

Someone who is convicted of being drunk in a public space is looking at a maximum of 8 penalty units. Someone who is convicted of being drunk and disorderly can incur a maximum of 20 penalty units or 3 days in prison for a first offence, while a second, third, etc., will result in 20 penalty units or 1 month in prison.

Lastly, anyone convicted of being drunk and behaving in a riotous or disorderly manner will receive a maximum of 10 penalty units or 2 months in prison. It’s important to note that one penalty unit is approximately $165.


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